The Biden Regime’s endless denials and flip-flopping regarding the accelerating crisis he is intentionally creating at the border are deadly.  Human trafficking, violent crimes, and illegal drugs are skyrocketing at the border.  It is Christmas for cartels at Biden’s US Border.

One example of the violence at the border was the brutal execution of an unknowing local police officer that seems to have been completely avoidable.

The scene following officer Darian Jarrot’s execution by drug cartel member Omar Felix Cueva

According to Citizen Free Press, the traffic stop was “initiated…on a white Chevrolet pickup on Interstate 10 eastbound, near mile marker 102 east of Deming, New Mexico. During the traffic stop, Officer Jarrott asked the driver, identified as Omar Felix Cueva, 39, of Deming to exit the vehicle. Cueva exited the driver’s side holding an AR-15-style rifle and fired at least one shot at Officer Jarrott as he was walking to the rear of the vehicle. Officer Jarrott ducked and fell onto his back as Cueva ran around the back of the pickup toward Officer Jarrott. Cueva fired several more rounds at Officer Jarrott who was struck by gunfire and killed.”

“Officer Darion Jarrot was never told” anything by the Biden DHS about the armed, violent, psychopathic monster he was about to stop.  They had all the information about him, according to the officer’s widow’s attorney, Sam Bergman.  But they simply let him go in blind to be slaughtered during a traffic stop.  And then they let the suspect leave.

Instead of informing the officer of the suspect’s extensive violent history, Biden’s DHS asked him to perform a “whisper stop” without giving any vital information, according to Attorney Sam Bergman.

When this happens, it is necessary for DHS to properly prepare such officers with necessary information.  Instead, as you can see in the video below, officer Jarrot shows through his actions that he is totally unaware of the imminent danger he is in.

The moment a drug cartel member fires on an unknowing officer. DHS is somewhere nearby off camera

“Officer Jarrot would never have walked up as he did…when the person inside is such a known violent person.” says  Attorney Sam Bergman

To make things more tragic, heavily armed DHS officers appear to have been very close by, watching the whole thing without intervening at all until after the suspect had left and executed Jarrot.

What is going on here?  How does this kind of thing happen?  Was this cop used as bait?

Does it seem too egregious to be just an accident on the part of DHS, or is it truly just negligence?

What do you think?  Watch the video, below (Warning, video contains very graphic images)

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