The brilliant conservative author and journalist, Paul Sperry frequently reminds us of events that happened in the past that the media conveniently sweeps under the carpet. In a series of tweets today, Sperry reminds us of how many lies Comey has told about the Russia investigation and reminds of how distraught Mrs. James Comey and her daughter were after President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 after James Comey’s wife campaigned for her.

In a series of tweets, Sperry pointed out that the Democrats know Mueller has nothing on Trump as it relates to the Russian collusion witch hunt because they’re back to clinging to the Stormy Daniels story, as their final hope to nailing President Trump with something…anything.

Sperry asks:

How do you know Democrats know Mueller came up empty-handed in their wild Russia “collusion” goose chase? Because Nadler’s out talking today about impeaching Trump for “fraud” & Schiff’s on the Sunday shows predicting he’ll be indicted for making “illegal payments” to mistresses.

Sperry pointed out the pattern of lying that Comey has exhibited throughout the Trump-Russian investigation.

In a March 2017 closed-door Senate briefing, Comey swore FBI agents who interviewed Flynn “saw nothing that led them to believe [he was] lying.” Comey’s assessment suddenly changed Friday, when he swore: “There’s no doubt he was lying.” In between, Mueller named SC, needed scalp

Under his comment, another Twitter user posted a screenshot that was taken from the transcripts of Comey’s closed-door questioning before the House Judiciary Committee on Friday. The screenshot reveals how James Comey contradicted himself about General Flynn and how in March 2017 Comey claimed FBI agents saw nothing that led them to believe Flynn was lying, and then yesterday swore: “There’s no doubt he was lying.”

Next, Sperry posted a BREAKING development, revealing another LIE by Comey, related to Hillary Clinton’s emails that were found on the pedophile, and former husband of Hillary’s top aide, Human Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

BREAKING: Comey swore Friday to Congress that he wasn’t briefed about the huge trove of Hillary Clinton emails found on the Weiner laptop until Oct. 27, 2016, when in fact his deputy was briefed Sept. 28, 2016, & spoke w Comey in a flurry of calls late that night, according to IG

Sperry points out that Comey a liar. He expects everyone to believe him that his treatment of Hillary was even-handed and that he had no involvement in the FISA abuses that were used to obtain warrants to spy on candidate Trump and his campaign, even though his wife (and daughters) hate Trump, adored Obama and actively campaigned for Hillary

Watch, as George Stephanopoulos, whose face looks like it’s going to break from smiling so hard, interviews James Comey and his wife, Patrice, an ardent Hillary supporter, and Trump resister. Stephanopoulos discussed her anguish over Hillary losing the election to Donald Trump. She also talked about her belief that Trump “was not an ethical person,” and that “he’s not really an honest person that can trust.”  During the interview, ABC News flashed photos of Comey’s wife and daughters marching against Trump the day after his inauguration, while simultaneously attempting to convince viewers that Comey’s firing was unjustified because he is ethical.

After laying out his case of Comey’s lying and the obvious pressure he must’ve felt at home to take down Trump and to protect Hillary, Sperry tweets: “I do not say this lightly, but I believe James Comey exhibits many of the signs of a pathological liar–starting with his telling people as an adult that he played NCAA basketball, even though he never did play college ball. It is scary to think that this head case headed the FBI

In an NPR book review of Comey’s “Higher Loyalty” book, Ron Elving discusses how Comey lied about a college basketball career, revealing that after years of lying, Comey later made the decision to come clean about his lie, so as not to allow lying to “become a habit” :

Comey, who stands 6 feet 8 inches, confesses to lying about a college basketball career. Knee surgery curtailed his playing days, but as a young man he would sometimes let people think otherwise. Later, he wrote to associates to make clear he had not played college ball. The important thing was not to allow a lie to live on, to grow, to become a habit.

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