A caller to British radio host Katie Hopkins whose name is Jessica, called into Katie’s show to relay a story to her about her formerly  “bleeding heart liberal” husband who has come to have a “hatred of a certain demographic” after helping migrants who are arriving in migrant rescue boats. Jessica told Hopkins, “My husband is turning into a man I don’t recognize anymore because of what he has physically seen.”

Jessica added that it was the way male migrants behaved in particular, that led to his change of heart.

She told Katie: “It was a really, really traumatic time for him. He was doing three-week stints and they were picking bodies out of the sea. Babies, women, it was awful.

“But at the same time, he said they were processing men, adults, in their 30s who all had phones with Isis stuff on the phones, they were being separated.

“When they were being handed over to the authorities with the information explaining that these guys had all this on their phones, and what their ages were, and they were just being processed through.

“There was nothing, they were just being separated out, they just all went through with everything else, it broke his heart, because he was dealing with families who were in such a terrible state with young babies who so clearly needed rescuing.

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“And yet you had adult males that were pushing women and children to the back of the queue…they felt that they were more important. It’s just an awful situation, and this was last year.

“He can’t handle the way these women and children are treated by these men.”

“There were hundreds and hundreds of women, children, men who were being picked out of the sea. Not all of them were refugees.

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“He came home heartbroken. Absolutely heartbroken, because he’s saying ‘I don’t know how Europe is going to cope’.

She continued: “How are we supposed to process that as individuals? You know, he still has images that he has to deal with over a year later.

“We forget about the medics who deal with this, the soldiers that are dealing with this. The people that are processing these people. It’s not just how are we going to process all these people, but how are we going to deal with the trauma of having to process these people?

“Having to make these decisions? Who do you treat first?”

A special thank you to Paul Joseph Watson for this video:


Katie asked the caller how her husband is doing currently after seeing the vast number of migrants rescued this year already.

Jessica said: “My husband is turning into, it’s why I stopped him doing it, he’s turning into a man I don’t recognise anymore.

“Because my family think I’m a bleeding heart liberal, and you know, I would just wave everyone in and say ‘come on, we’ll help’, and my husband was of a very similar opinion that people needed help.

“He’s now turning into someone I don’t recognise, because of what he has physically seen. He is starting to say this is not all people looking for help, there are people here who are out for their own self interest.”

She added: “It’s just awful. And now he is building a hatred of a certain demograph[ic], that he has been exposed to because he’s seen the way they behave.” –LBC

Is it too late for Europe? Have they allowed this unabated invasion of migrants from majority Muslim nations to their once  culturally distinct nations for too long? What will these bleeding heart nations look like in 5 years? How long will Americans sit back and allow bleeding heart liberals to call them “racists” or “xenophobes” because they don’t want to see the fundamental transformation of the United States that Barack Obama promised would happen if we elected him as our president. Can President Trump stop this nightmare without the help of a Republican majority in both the House and Senate?

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