Several women were involved in a wild all-female brawl at the Guaranteed Rate Field Stadium in St. Louis on Monday night.

A video, posted by “Nancy” shows at least 3 women attacking each other from their bleacher seats while several men sit back and watch. Only one man attempted to break up the fight. Unfortunately, he ended up becoming a human punching bag for at least two of the women, one of them appeared to be the antagonist, as she’s seen multiple times going after the women a couple of rows down from where she was seated.

The Chicago White Sox crushed the St. Louis Cardinals 5-1, but most people won’t remember the game, but instead, will be talking about the ridiculous behavior of the classless women in the bleacher seats.


A longer video shows how long the brawl continued before security made its way down into the bleacher seats to break it up.

Watch the male in front wearing a #79 jersey, as he jumps up and down, and cheers, while the women pummel each other in front of families with children.

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