A protest from Mexican citizens against caravan members turned chaotic when angry Mexicans pushed activists out of a protest against having the thousands of caravan members converge on their town. The open borders activists are against the local citizens and want to keep bringing in thousands more caravan members.

The people of Tijuana, Mexico have been protesting for a few days (see below) against the caravan coming into their town to take over a park and then a sports complex. Thousands of Central Americans have converged on the town angering its citizens who do not want them there.

Paloma for Trump is bringing the truth of what’s going on with the protest…The Tijuana resident are being attacked as they show their patriotism for Mexico. The caravan has caused a huge amount of chaos in Tijuana as you can see by the videos.


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The Mayor of Tijuana, Mexico is calling for the ‘hordes’ of caravan migrants to be deported ASAP.

“The total by Friday had reached 2,679, according to Mexico’s Nat’l Migration Institute. A smaller number, 657, remained in Mexicali, the state capital. Another 3,200 were in the states of Sonora & Sinaloa, & presumably headed to Baja California”

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The problem is that there are now so many camped out (see video below) and so many on their way that it will become more and more difficult to move them. The bigger problem is that the Mexican government is assisting by providing an escort for buses and trucks transporting the caravan members.

Even though the Mexican government has offered asylum to these people, they know the people want to cross into the U.S. Is this a bait and switch by the Mexican government? They’re now calling this a “humanitarian” event when we know from interviews that these people are economic migrants who DO NOT deserve asylum.


You can read between the lines in a quote from the future President of Mexico during his campaign. We were able to translate from Spanish to English. What does this tell you? Are the globalists planning for America what they did to Europe?

A sports complex has been turned into a camp with tent after tent. If this doesn’t remind you of the invasion by migrants in Europe, you might want to go back and check out the video. Europe was the scene of a very similar situation and is suffering now because of it. The globalists pushed for the migration of third worlders to France, Germany and other parts of Europe. We’re seeing this now in an attempt to test America’s sovereignty.


We only need to look to Europe to see that this globalist effort MUST BE STOPPED. There are globalist forces behind the caravan and open borders advocates. It’s important to note that funds for this caravan have come from George Soros’ Open Society.  The left is trying their best to discount this but it is true.


This is a plan for an open society by the globalists like Soros. It’s an effort to bring in third worlders so we can pay for them. In other words, a kind of redistribution of wealth compliments of thriving economies like ours…Socialism for everyone.



Remember when Obama said”at some point you’ve made enough money” and when he claimed that “you didn’t build that”. He and other globalists believe in the COLLECTIVE…

Open border advocates are NOT more charitable but are evil in that they would take away from you and give your hard earned money to people who are not even citizens of America.




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