A contractor accused of taking clients’ cash without finishing the work got violent when confronted by a woman he allegedly ripped off

Jeff McCreary of Columbia County, Pennsylvania, has been accused of stealing clients’ cash by taking money from them for building homes and home improvements, then either never starting or never completing the work. In April, McCreary closed up shop entirely, leaving many clients high and dry after taking their money.

When confronted on this by former customer Amber Bradshaw, who alleges that McCreary took off with $130,000 after closing up shop, the man became violent.

McCreary appearing to get violent with Ms. Bradshaw

McCreary repeatedly punched and shoved Bradshaw, even grabbing her by her throat at one point.

Then, McCreary turned his attention to the film crew, chasing them down and yelling at them to get off of his property, despite their not being on his property. He repeatedly smacked and punched the camera and two journalists who witnessed the attack.

McCreary punching the cameraman’s lens

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From the Daily Mail:

“You owe me $130,000! Know you owe me $130,000!” Bradshaw can be heard yelling in the heart-raising clip, after pounding on the door in an effort to raise the elusive homeworker.

At that point in the footage, McReary and his wife exit the office the office – which at the time sported two signs that asserted, “No Trespassing: Keep Out,” and, “Sorry we’re closed.”

McCreary moments before had ignored the WYOU reporter’s own knocks, but seemed particularly peeved by Bradshaw’s presence, and immediately began getting in the woman’s face.

He shouts repeatedly in the footage, “Get the hell out of here” as Bradshaw continues to record, seemingly dumbfounded by the builder’s behavior.

Bradshaw, however – adamant about getting back the alleged back payment – stood her ground.

McCreary, visibly maddened, then proceeds to put his hands on the woman, pressing his forearm against her neck as she peacefully pled her case on the business’ front porch.

All the while, Mcreary’s wife, Valerie, 56, can be seen also trying to push the woman away, while haphazardly trying to stop her husband from hurting Bradshaw.

“You’re going to jail!” the Bradshaw says after freeing her neck from the contractor’s grasp.

The assertion saw McCreary childishly shoot back: “No, you are!”

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McCreary has since turned himself into the authorities and is now charged with assaulting Ms. Bradshaw and the camera crew. He also faces felony charges for scamming a customer out of over $100,000. His preliminary trial is set for July 13th.

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