After hundreds of Mexico fans watched the defeat of South Korea, a mob shut down an intersection in Los Angeles and went nuts. Too much or just fine? You tell us what you think. We say that when riot police have to come out to shut you down, it’s too much! Notice all of the Mexico flags in the video…

Fox5 reports:

The takeover happened at the intersection of Santa Fe Avenue and Hope Street, and it involved numerous cars performing donuts for the crowd, and several mortar fireworks being set off, all while fans cheered in the streets. Video provided to FOX 11 showed a man being hit by one of the vehicles doing donuts, though he appeared to be uninjured.

Hundreds of Mexico fans took over a Huntington Park intersection

WILD VIDEO: Hundreds of Mexico fans took over a Huntington Park intersection Saturday afternoon after Mexico's World Cup win. They did donuts and shot fireworks before LASD deputies in riot gear came in and broke it up. This wild video shows one man being hit by a spinning car!More:

Posted by Fox 11 Los Angeles on Saturday, June 23, 2018

“Hey man, it’s a little  bit out of hand, but it’s the World Cup baby, it’s every 4 years, were going for the gold, and were’ going for it all,” one man told FOX 11. “It’s just madness going on, every four years, it’s just in the heart of every soccer fan, that’s why people go crazy cause people don’t understand, people love soccer and they grew up with soccer, it’s every 4 years, and it’s a big step for Mexico to come up in the next stage.”

BREAKING: Street takeover and donuts here in Huntington Park, as #Mexico fans gather in the streets. This is at Hope Street & Santa Fe Ave. No law enforcement here at the moment. One of the cars crashed before I got here. Fox 11 Los Angeles

Posted by Bill Melugin on Saturday, June 23, 2018

The takeover lasted for nearly an hour before a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department helicopter started to circle overhead.
Within minutes, dozens of LASD and CHP ground units were on scene in riot gear to clear the intersection and get things back under control.


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