With strict face mask mandates and fights that are frequently breaking out while in the air and in airport terminals, it almost makes one wonder why anyone in their right mind wants to fly anymore?

Yesterday, flight attendants were forced to subdue 22-year-old Maxwell Berry, a Frontier Airlines passenger by duct-taping him to his seat. Berry, who was clearly drunk, apparently thought it was okay to grope multiple flight attendants and punch a male attendant who tried to intercede.

Daily Mail reports – A Frontier passenger who is accused of groping and fighting flight attendants and screaming that his parents were worth $2 million won a good role model award for ‘dismantling frat boy stereotypes’ in college just three months ago.

Maxwell Berry, 22, was praised for being the ‘perfect role model’ and balancing academics and a successful golf career during his time at Ohio Wesleyan University, which posted the Zoom awards presentation, which took place in May, online.

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On Saturday, he was seen in videos being duct-taped to his seat while on a Frontier flight from Philadelphia to Miami after a physical confrontation with a male flight attendant and allegedly grabbing two female flight attendants’ breasts.

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He was charged with three misdemeanor counts of battery in Miami-Dade County. The FBI was involved but said they aren’t pursuing felony federal charges.

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