Dr. Jill Stein announced Thursday she’s running for president in 2024 as the Green Party candidate.

“The political system is broken. Over 60% of us now say the two-party establishment has failed us and we need a party that serves the people. I’m running for President to offer a better choice for the people,” Stein said Thursday.

Watch Stein’s video announcement:

Stein’s entry into the 2024 presidential election is the latest wrench thrown into the race.

With the Green Party entering its candidate into the field, there’s no doubt some ‘left-wing’ voters fed-up with the Democrat Party may vote for Stein.

Stein ran for president in 2016 as the Green Party candidate and received backlash for costing Hillary Clinton votes.


Per Axios:

Her candidacy is likely to add to mounting concerns that outside candidates may siphon votes in 2024 from President Biden or former President Trump if they meet in a rematch.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West have both launched independent presidential bids, and the centrist No Labels organization may be inching closer to putting forward a third-party candidate.

Democrats have accused Stein, who also launched a presidential bid in 2016, of costing the party key battleground states and contributing to Hillary Clinton’s loss against former President Trump.

She has rejected the “spoiler” label.

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson faced similar criticism.

With the 2024 presidential election field growing, social media users questioned how it may impact the race.

“With Jill Stein running in 2024 things could get weird. We’ll potentially have the strongest Independent candidate since Perot, the Green Party for leftists that oppose what Israel is doing, the Democratic Party for the hivemind masses, the Libertarian Party candidate, and the Republican Party on the same ballot. Is it possible nobody gets to 270?” Being Libertarian questioned.

A better question would be if one of the third-party candidates is able to carry a state and grab its electoral votes.

That remains highly doubtful.

Still, many believe Stein’s entry will hurt Democrats.

From The Hill:

Stein wrote on her website that she is entering the presidential race “to offer people a choice outside the failed two-party system, so we can put a pro-worker, anti-war, climate emergency agenda front and center in this election and on the ballot in November.”

Stein’s last national bid in 2016 sparked considerable anger from Democrats, who argued she contributed to the election of Trump by taking away votes from Clinton in close swing states including Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Clinton allies accused her of being a spoiler that year.

Early polling from this cycle indicates the three states will be key battlegrounds again in 2024. Recent surveys show President Biden and Trump within just a few percentage points of each other in all three states now, setting up the potential for a similar scenario next November.

Stein is running under the Green Party banner again after another third-party candidate, Cornel West, switched his registration from the Green Party to run as an independent.

She has promoted early support of the progressive platform, including a Green New Deal, the sweeping environmental reform agenda favored by climate activists. Her newest campaign slogan, as it appears on her social media accounts, is “People. Planet. Peace.”

The 73-year-old doctor and environmental advocate joins a chorus of outsiders competing for the Oval Office as discontent with Biden reaches new levels a year from Election Day.

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