Earlier this week, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Hollywood’s self-appointed #BlackLivesMatter spokesperson announced on Facebook that she will boycott the Oscars over lack of Black nominees.

In September, 2015, we reported about a $150,000 contribution Will Smith and his lovely wife Jada made to racist, anti-semite Louis Farrakhan. Today, Pinkett-Smith is asking people of color to segregate themselves from the Whites in Hollywood. Now it appears that Will Smith has made the decision to back his wife in her attempt to shame Hollywood into using affirmative action, (as opposed to exceptional acting) as criteria for an Oscar nomination.

“There’s a regressive slide towards separatism, towards racial and religious disharmony and that’s not the Hollywood I wanna leave behind.” 

What the hell is with the cadence and psycho-babble bulls*t Will? You used to be one of our favorite actors. America fell in love with the happy, light-hearted and uniquely FUNNY quality about you. Taking your side in your wife’s race war with Hollywood can’t possibly be good for your career. There is nothing funny about crying “racism” because you didn’t get nominated for an Oscar. Sour grapes is sour grapes, no matter how you cut it. From an outsider looking in, it would appear that you’ve fallen into line with your angry black wife, and her desire to get even with anyone and everyone around her because she’s sees herself as a perpetual victim.  Guess what Will? Last time we checked, the supposed “racism” you seem to be a victim of isn’t affecting your bottom line. As one of the highest paid actors in all of Hollywood, bringing home an astounding annual $30 Million in earnings, it doesn’t appear the lack of Oscars on your mantel has drastically affected your income.

We sure hope the fight is worth the risk you’re taking by alienating your fan base…


For the record, you and your darling wife (does she still act?) sealed the deal for us when you donated money to the hateful Louis Farrakhan. Maybe you should’ve just stuck to acting and let your wife play the role of angry black activist. Unless you’re Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson there doesn’t seem to be a lot of money in the race-hustling business…


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