Yesterday, in what appeared to be a coordinated effort by the radical left, a doctored video appeared on several Twitter accounts showing President Trump calling the violent international El Salvadorian gang, MS-13, “animals” in a speech where he promised to make it a priority to remove them from the United States. The only problem is Democrats who posted the video, tried to make it look like President Trump was referring to all illegal immigrants. The video was edited, and the part where he mentions MS-13 was cut out of the clip.

The former model, wife of singer John Legend, and Target’s representative for their “Cravings” line, Chrissy Teigen, re-tweeted the misleading video with the words, “fucking vile man.”

Is this really the person Target wants to represent them? Does Target really want someone so unhinged that they can’t control their hatred for the President of the United States on social media? Every day, we have to teach our kids the consequences of their actions on social media, why should Chrissy Teigen be exempt from the same scrutiny as other spokespeople for large companies or corporations? Does being married to leftist singer John Legend, somehow exclude her?

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Is Target willing to go down that boycott road again? It wasn’t that long ago, that their decision to allow men to use the women’s bathrooms with little girls almost destroyed their company. Will  Target take the risk of offending over half of America by continuing to make this hate-filled, leftist activist promote their “Cravings” product?

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The edited video was originally posted by an unknown person, by the name of Mark Elliott. He was immediately called out by tens of thousands, for pushing an edited video that falsely attempted to make President Trump look like he was calling all illegal aliens “animals.”

Teigen was called out by tens of thousands of Twitter users for pushing a lie. Leonydus Johnson reminded the former model that this video is old, and has already been debunked as “fake news,” saying, “You know what’s vile? MS-13 gang members who rape, kill, behead, and dismember women and children. Also, it’s vile to pretend he was talking about anybody else but them”

It wasn’t long, however, before others, like Democrat presidential candidate and sitting U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand also retweeted the doctored video, pushing a very provable lie.

Democrat Senator Gillibrand (NY) tweeted:

Racist language like this has led to violence throughout the world’s history. No human being is an animal. We have to be better than this.

Conservative comedian Tim Young called out Senator Gillibrand for tweeting a doctored video, calling it a “complete lie.” Young tweeted the original video that shows President Trump was clearly talking about the animals who are part of the MS-13 gang that dismembers, beats, rapes, and lights their victims on fire.

You just ran with a complete lie. Here’s the full clip of Trump calling MS-13 gang members… and NOT asylum seekers… animals. …Unless of course you think MS-13 gang members who rape and murder regularly aren’t animals.

Hispanic Angelo Ray Gomez explained to Democrat Senator Gillibrand, “People who cut the heads off others aren’t people. PERIOD. They are animals. MS-13 are animals and that’s what he’s talking about.”

Last year for President Trump’s 72nd birthday, Chrissy Teigen and her famous husband, singer John Legend donated $72,000 to the ACLU and asked their followers to do the same as a way to highlight the “horror stories” on our southern border related to immigrant families. Funny, we don’t remember her or her famous husband running the same campaign with their bestie Barack Obama was caging children on our southern border.

What do you think? Should Target fire Chrissy Teigen? We’d love to see what you think in the comment section below.



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