With two out of three voters in Switzerland backing the ban on the burka, this is what the people want. France had already banned the burka so this might be a trend. Will the USA ever ban the burka? What do you think?

A ban on burkas has come into force in part of Switzerland with anyone wearing a full face veil subject to £8,000 fines.

Authorities in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino rolled out the restriction on July 1, banning people from wearing the garment in shops, restaurants and public buildings.
The local government in the southern Swiss state approved the rule after a referendum in September 2013 saw two in three voters backing the move.
Fines of up to 10,000 Swiss Francs (£7,850) will be imposed for anyone breaking the rules although the minimum fine will be closer to 100 Swiss Francs (£78).
The move comes despite the huge popularity of the region among tourists from the Middle East.
The Saudi Arabian embassy in Bern had earlier issued advice to its citizens.
According to The Express, the embassy wrote on Twitter: ‘The embassy wishes to emphasize that the Ticino cantonal authorities in south eastern Switzerland have announced that as of July 1, 2016 they will start to enforce the burqa (niqab) ban in public places in the canton, including in Lugano, Locarno, Magadino, Bellinzona, Ascona and Mendrisio.
‘As school holidays [in Saudi Arabia] are coming up, the embassy reminds all honorable citizens of the necessity to respect and conform to Swiss rules and regulations in order avoid all problems.’

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