We reported earlier on news at The Hill that there would be a change at the White House in the New Year…Many different  outlets have reported that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be out in January. He’ll be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo. The White House is avoiding any confirmation of this move but publications on both sides of the aisle are confirming that this move will happen in 2018. The best thing about this report is that Senator Tom Cotton aka as the ‘Trump Whisperer’ will be the CIA Director…

Biz Pac Review reports:

Senator Cotton is widely respected in conservative circles. A New Yorker article once asked if he was “The future of Trumpism?”, pointing to the “influence” he exercised behind the scenes in the early days of the Trump administration. He has also acquired the nickname “the Trump whisperer.”


Not only is Cotton a decorated veteran of the Iraq War, he is also a Harvard law graduate. Cotton has been described as a “realist” when it comes to foreign policy, and “hawkish” on military affairs. His stance against a potential nuclear weapon armed Iran, in particular, has earned him the reputation as a “hard liner.”

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Axios, the start-up website of former Politico insiders Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei, echoed the New York Times assessment that Cotton could take over at the CIA. As reported:

Cotton is one of the few senators with an easy relationship with Trump, talking to him a few times a week, giving him advice about top jobs (that Trump has taken), and planting the seed for the Iran policy announced Friday.

Senator Cotton recently grabbed headlines for supporting the Trump administration’s CFPB director appointment, stating that the employee at the “rogue agency” attempting to block Mulvaney from taking over should be “fired summarily.” Via: BPR

The rumors have been swirling for months…Rex Tillerson has been on the job in the Trump administration for about one year. He’s hit some rough patches in the road along the way and has bumped heads with President Trump. Remember when it was reported that Tillerson called POTUS a “moron”? Not a shining moment sooo….
We’re not surprised that Tillerson is being forced out and replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo in 2018. The best part of this move is that Senator Tom Cotton will replace Pompeo as the CIA Director. Cotton is as solid as a rock with his record on The Hill. All of these changes are positive and more in line with the Trump administration’s policy objectives on putting America first.

The move will come in the next several weeks, The New York Times reported, citing senior administration officials.


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) would then replace Pompeo as CIA chief, the Times reported, according to the White House’s plan.


Multiple reports in the past have cited tensions between Trump and Tillerson.Earlier this year, Tillerson denied an NBC News report that top Trump administration officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, had urged him not to step down from the State Department.

“The vice president has never had to persuade me to remain as secretary of State because I have never considered leaving,” Tillerson said.

Tillerson at the time refused to directly address the report that he referred to Trump as a “moron,” saying that he would not “deal with petty stuff like that.”

Via: The Hill

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