A group of mostly pro-life college students came together in Detroit last weekend to stand up for  the most vulnerable among us. They were praying to end abortion when a group of loud, vile protesters approached them and and start screaming, “My body is true, don’t like it, f*ck you!” in their faces. While protesters screamed at them, the pro-lifers remained calm and peaceful, while praying and  doing their best to ignore them. The more they prayed the rosary, the louder the vile protesters screamed at them, “Not my ovaries, screw your rosary.” These pro-abortion advocates are doing exactly what Democrats are encouraging and even paying them to do. Party leaders like our former President Barack Obama and now Hillary are becoming more and more engaged and vocal in their support of these nasty people. Hillary just released a video of herself telling Democrats to,“Keep fighting!” against Trump and the opposition.

Democrats are bullying innocent people simply because they have an opposing view. They’re attempting to shut down free speech and freedom of religion by threatening people who don’t agree with them. Is this really how they plan to save their party? Is this how they prove they’re the party of “tolerance” or “compassion” and “love?” Is this the future of the Democrat party?:

Watch protesters interrupt a pastor during his opening prayer in a town hall meeting being hosted by Republican Senator Cassidy of LA. We all know that these people are being paid, but are they really doing the Democrat Party any favors by behaving in such a vile and disrespectful way during an opening prayer?

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