A divorced mother of seven children living in Wisconsin who was arrested last year is pleading guilty to planning ISIS attacks in the US. She was also trying to recruit ISIS terrorists on social media.

Waheba Issa Dais will plead guilty to one count of providing material to support a terrorist group. She faces 20 years in prison for trying to instruct wannabe terrorists on how to carry out poisoning a water supply with Ricin and bombings of street festivals in the US.

Dais came to the US with her husband in 1992 but then divorced him in 2003 and is now living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

She tried to recruit and instruct ISIS terrorists on Facebook where she openly pledged her support for ISIS:

#Caution. When I publish any statement I completely believe in it. I was and I continue to be on the doctrine of the Islamic State.’

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The FBI said Dais told recruits on Facebook to ‘act like an ordinary person’ and that is how attacks would be carried out.

Dais lives in this home in Milwaukee:

Dais also told the FBI that her ‘ISIS husband’ was paying her living expenses as she is unemployed.

In one Facebook post, Dais mentioned the Boston Marathon Bombing: “Remember Boston marathon bombing? It was very easy to make. All it needs is a pressure cooker, shrapnel and explosives. Join my channel and research.”

The frightening thing about this is that this woman was ok with poisoning Americans with deadly Ricin or blowing Americans up but she lives among us.

To their credit, Facebook alerted the FBI to this woman’s effort to recruit on their social media platform.


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