MOST people obey traffic laws. Thankfully, most people have fully functional brains and know enough to obey orders from police officers when they’ve been caught disregarding the rules of the road.

Sadly for those involved in the high-speed car chase that ended in a hair-raising crash and shootout in late August, not everyone has a functioning brain.

Greenfield Wisconsin police officers released body-cam footage taken in the early morning hours of Sunday, August 22nd, that shows a defiant driver refusing to pull over after rolling through a red light. The insane chase ends when the perp T-bones another car but the situation only intensifies from there as the driver is seemingly uninjured, armed, and determined to get away.


Local TMJ4 reported the incident:

Vidmax reports: The video shows an officer activate his lights and siren after witnessing a driver, later identified as 31-year-old Tyran Lamb, run a red light. Lamb refused to stop when officers pulled him over, then fled from police. Spike strips were deployed to get him to stop but he continued. The pursuit came to a stop when the suspect crashed into another vehicle at the intersection of 27th and Becher.

But Chief Johnson says even then Lamb still refused to comply with orders. “You’ll see and hear [the officers’], guns drawn, order the suspect to show them his hands 18 times, which he refused to do.”

The scene was further complicated when a bystander walked up, distracting the officers. Shortly after, Lamb shot three times through the windshield, hitting the officer at close range and knocking him to the ground. He said over his police radio, “Shots fired! Shots fired! Shots fired! Shots fired! I’m hit! I’m hit!”

The video then shows the driver getting out of the car while still firing his gun, and running off. Chief Johnson said, “As the suspect ran away, he jumped over the downed officer, firing at him at point blank range.”

In the video, the officer says he was hit in the hand, chest and leg, and that he’s having trouble breathing. “Please don’t let me die,” he said. The second officer has him sit on the ground while she applies a tourniquet to his leg. Chief Johnson said, “He is shot and badly wounded. You will see her save his life.”

The suspect died a short distance away after being shot by police. Chief Johnson said, “The suspect was an armed felon who made the decision to flee from the police. He put our community, our citizens and our officers in danger.”

No doubt America will see more and more of these senseless car chases and shootouts as an entire generation has been programmed to disrespect and have contempt for law enforcement.

The officers’ hesitation to take down the driver is also a side-effect of constant vilification by liberals and the media.

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