Wisconsin has been under the same draconian China Virus rules for nearly a year as most states in America.  Today, they took a giant step back toward freedom as they repealed their state-wide mask mandate, though many would support equally illegitimate half-measures in its place.

The 52-42 Vote Tally for the Unmasking of Wisconsin. 7 Republicans Voted Against It.

In a 52-42 vote, 52 republicans and 0 Democrats voted to repeal the unconstitutional mask mandate in Wisconsin.  7 worthless RINO republicans split from the 52 Yes votes to join their 35 unamerican Democrat colleagues in voting No.

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A No vote would have kept the mandate in place.

Republican had this to say of Wisconsin governor Evers, who endorsed the mandate:

“He wants to be able to rule by fiat. And whatever his intentions are, no matter how pure they may be, that is not how our system works.”

But, Wisconsinites are not in the clear, yet.  According to the the AP’s Scott Bauer, slimy republicans would endorse half-measures to mandate masks in countless areas, so long as those countless areas were specified:

“Assembly Republicans tell @GovEvers they would support a more limited mask mandate that applies only in places “that are susceptible to transmission of the virus” including health care facilities, nursing homes, mass transit, state buildings, schools, prisons, universities”

And, many localities still have their own unscientific unconstitutional mandates in place

The seven republicans who voted against the will of the people and the constitution are below.  Remember their names when next you vote, Wisconsin:







The repeal is set to take effect on Friday.  Don’t let them walk this back, Wisconsin and don’t let them introduce additional half-measures in its place.

Stay FREE.

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