This is the saddest case because you know these guys got next to nothing from this man for his life! Horrible! These thugs are teens but should be thrown under the jail for what they did. Horrible!

Sources tell us that a third person of interest has been located in the murder of Eric Hambrick at a Jackson Waffle House.

Two men have also been arrested.

19-year-old Arkel Coleman and 18-year-old Shrederrick Anderson were arrested and charged with one count each of murder and strong armed Robbery. – Jackson, MS
Police say Coleman and Anderson were taken into custody, where they confessed to the crime. They are being held without bond.

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On Thursday, May 28, just before midnight, emergency responders were called to the Waffle House at 106 Larson Street.52- year-old Eric Hambrick was found lying on the ground with an injury to his head.

After reviewing a surveillance video at the business, police said Hambrick was attacked in the parking lot. The video shows someone striking Hambrick, then taking a ring off his finger.

It appeared the attack was unprovoked according to investigators.
Chief Lee Vance said, “It’s a shock, people are outraged when you try to go in a restaurant or anyplace else for that matter, you’re not bothering anybody and somebody comes up to you and commits a crime against you like this it’s unacceptable, but I would not say that Jackson is a place you can’t go and get a meal after dark.”

Hambrick was hospitalized, and died over the weekend from his injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Jackson Police Department at 601-960-1234 or 601-355-TIPS (8477).

Via: msnewsnow

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