The witch hunt to shame President Donald Trump and find him guilty of some sort of collusion or other crimes continues and it keeps coming up empty so far!! Donald Trump has reportedly given full cooperation and the White House counsel has spent numerous hours with Robert Mueller while he probes for collusion evidence. The one and only Donald McGahn was tasked with fully cooperating with Mueller and has, according to the New York Times, participated in just three interviews that totaled 30 hours – all with Mueller’s team and all voluntary.

At some point, McGahn reportedly may have felt like he was being used or set up to take the blame for any potential obstruction of justice claims. Since then, he’s been possibly advised, and obviously given the go-ahead (according to Trump’s Tweet) to fully cooperate with Mueller on his own. Having McGahn cooperate with Mueller on his own might mean no one is afraid of what Mueller will uncover. Does that mean there’s nothing to hide because there is no actual collusion? Does that lead people to believe that the collusion nonsense was nothing more than an anti-Trump witch hunt for something that simply wasn’t there in the first place? Possibly. We would love to know what McGahn and Mueller (or his team) talked about for 30 hours.

If they talked to the same person for 30 hours, they probably have very good insight on his information and they likely tried to catch him in lies. Do they have anything? Doubtful, yet we shall see. It’s hard to believe that Trump would be Tweeting so confidently about it unless he really knew the truth, which means this investigation by Mueller could very well be one huge waste of time. If Mueller knows there’s nothing there, does he keep digging hoping to find something the hang on Trump, that way he doesn’t look embarrassing to the public when he turns up with a fat nothing-burger?

How much longer will Mueller spend on all of this? Wouldn’t his time be better spent doing something else, perhaps something that matters more than looking for the Loch Ness Monster of politics?

Trump also reported that his administration handed over one million pages of documents, showing his willingness to be transparent.

The Hill reported: “McGahn has reportedly discussed accounts of multiple episodes at the center of Mueller’s probe into whether President Trump obstructed justice. Sources told the Times that McGahn has had three voluntary interviews with Mueller’s team totaling 30 hours.

Among the episodes McGahn reportedly discussed with investigators is Trump’s firing last year of former FBI Director James Comey and the president’s repeated urging of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to claim oversight of the special counsel despite his recusal from Russia probes.

McGahn began cooperating with Mueller’s team last year after Trump’s first round of personal lawyers decided to give investigators as much information as possible, believing the president had nothing to hide, the newspaper noted.

The Times reports that Trump’s personal lawyers could have exercised attorney-client privilege to know what McGahn planned to tell investigators, but the president’s lawyers did not go through that process.

McGahn told investigators that the president attempted to control the investigation and gave a mixture of potentially damaging and favorable information concerning Trump, the newspaper reported. But the White House counsel told Mueller’s team he never saw Trump overstep his legal authorities.

“The president and Don have a great relationship. He appreciates all the hard work he’s done, particularly his help and expertise with the judges, and the Supreme Court,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Times.

John Dean, White House counsel under President Nixon, said Saturday that he thought McGahn was doing the right thing.

Dean, who himself feared he would be a scapegoat for Watergate and was eventually fired by Nixon, tweeted “McGahn is doing right!”


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