When Barack is asked by NBC 5 political editor Carol Marabout about his hometown of Chicago, he feigns a sudden interest in the murder capitol of America. Marabout starts out the interview by telling Barack that, “There’s blood on the streets and since you left, there’s more blood on the streets of Chicago. It’s worse now than when you were there. Why?” Obama does a little side shuffle, but basically says they need “more police” (he must’ve forgotten how many police officers no longer feel passionate about helping those, who, thanks to Obama and his BLM friends, would rather see the officers dead). Obama also blames the easy access to guns and of course, pockets of poverty that are highly segregated <insert racism here>. Obama starts out, “As a citizen who has a deep interest in Chicago”…Really Barry?  A “deep interest?” Could he be referring to the interest he had in Chicago when the the underbelly of the Democrat Party organized thugs to disrupt Trump’s rally and riot in the streets? Surely that must’ve been what he meant by a “deep interest in Chicago.” Because Barry hasn’t done a darn thing to help stop the out-of-control, mostly black on black murders, in the gun-free city of Chicago. But Barry’s in legacy mode now, and soon he will be asking for money for his presidential library in Chicago. So… there’s apparently no time like the present to start “caring deeply about Chicago”…right Barry? Just don’t be surprised when Chicago residents ask you where you’ve been for the past 8 years…

Here’s what these Chicago residents have to say about Barack and what he’s done for the residents of Chicago.

“He’s probably the the worst President ever elected.”

“Have the same love for these (black) young people as you’ve got for the ones across the border.”



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The reporter asks Barack about the possibility that he’ll commute the sleazy former Chicago Senator who tried to sell Obama’s seat, Rod Blagojevich. Blagojevich was impeached and removed from office for corruption in 2011 and sentenced to 14 years in federal prison.

Here’s how Obama answered:

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