Now that Michael Caputo, who was previously a target of the Mueller investigation, has been cleared, he has released some pretty damning text messages from the virulently anti-Trump lawmaker from California, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D). The text messages appear to prove that Swalwell, who has spent the last 3 1/2 years calling for Trump’s impeachment, has committed witness tampering.

The text message to Caputo from Swalwell was related to Caputo’s testimony before the special counsel.

David Reaboi tweeted a copy of a now declassified conversation from the House Russia investigation transcript release between the former Democrat presidential candidate, Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA), and Assistant Secretary of HHS for public affairs, Michael Caputo.

Caputo responded to Reaboi’s tweet, saying: Good morning all! I’m just having coffee, remembering that 2018 twitter direct message after midnight on a Saturday night from a tipsy Congressman contacting me, a represented party, in clear violation of House Ethics rules.

Caputo included a screenshot of an incredible threat from the Democrat lawmaker:

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Swalwell: Nice to see you again. I hope you told OSC the truth. They don’t fuck around.

Caputo: I lied to no one and you know it so go ****yourself.

Swalwell: Don’t sound so scared bro.

Hmmmm….sounds like a threat. Yep, it definitely sounds like a threat from a United States Congressman. Isn’t this considered witness tampering?

From Red State – That sounds an awful lot like Swalwell is attempting to intimidate a witness, one which was part of two ongoing investigations. It also sounds incredibly immature and petty.

Yet, this was the tack many Russia truthers took for years. They were so certain they were right and absolutely positive that everyone around Trump would end up in jail over supposed collusion. In the end, it took Mueller pursuing process crimes to collect a few scalps (one of which has now had the charges dropped against him).

But perhaps the most incredible part about this is that Swalwell was one of the crazy people insisting that President Trump indirectly tweeting about Robert Muller was absolutely “witness tampering.” Here’s a video reminder of that.

In the video below, Swalwell can be seen accusing President Trump of witness tampering.

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