We recently reported on Coke-A-Cola going woke, forcing their employees into anti-white anti-American racist critical race theory education training camps, including telling them to ‘try to be less white.’  These same slides were sold to coke by LinkedIn.  These slides were funded by the apparently anti-American Koch brothers’ ‘Big Think.’  Big Think presumably sold them to LinkedIn, and/or Coke.  The Koch Brothers are open-borders billionaire globalists (though one is now dead) who claim to be libertarian.

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Then, Coke doubled down by attacking a marginally conservative bill to prevent voter fraud in future elections in Georgia.  It was a highly watered-down bill, but it was vey useful.  But Coke deemed it to be racist, along with several brain-dead celebrities and corporations and politicians.

Then, we reported that they had suddenly backtracked on the wild anti-American globalist virtue signaling.

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Don’t let that fool you.  They still hate you and want all that China Money after the Great Reset.  They are just afraid that you’ll know the truth about them and that they will crumble before it ever happens.

Luckily, we have the truth, below.

Coke’s Founder, John Pemberton (left) juxtaposed against a slide of woke generic corporate drivel.

It turns out the founder of Coke-A-Cola was a Confederate soldier who owned slaves and was a morphine addict, among other things…

The National File Reports:

“Over a century before the company would become derided for purchasing an anti-white curriculum for its employees, Coca-Cola was invented by [John]Pemberton, who – having sustained a devastating sabre wound while fighting for the Confederacy during the Civil War – was addicted to morphine, and hoped the carbonated beverage would cure his addiction.

Prior to the Civil War, Pemberton married Anna Eliza Clifford Lewis, the daughter of a prominent Georgia plantation owner. In 1854, Pemberton and his wife gave birth two a child, prompting her father to sell the young couple two slaves to assist with the raising of the child. Pemberton was also noted as owning a 20-year-old female slave in the 1860 Slave Schedule, suggesting he may have owned more than the two sold to him by his father-in-law.

Pemberton, and aspiring pharmacist and drug inventor, believed Coca-Cola could help him overcome his addiction to morphine, something he became dependent on after sustaining a saber injury during the Battle of Columbus, Georgia, during the Civil War.

According to the 2004 book, The Pursuit of Oblivion, Pemberton “was shot, slashed with a sabre, and scarred for life by the Yankees.” He later went bankrupt, and suffering from arthritis and “recurrent stomach pains,” Pemberton “became reliant on morphine” and came to “believe the claims of American medicine-makers that their coca products could be used to wean people from morphine addiction.”

By 1884, Pemberton began selling concoctions of wine, coca leaves, and kola nuts. When prohibition came to Atlanta soon after, he instead sold a carbonated beverage made with coca leaves and kola nuts, calling his creation Coca-Cola.

Pemberton, however, struggled to market his creation and ultimately saw little profits during his lifetime. Following his death, the company ultimately became successful, eventually morphing into the corporate giant that provides materials to its employees which instructed them to “be less white.””

Nobody believes any business should be cancelled because someone a hundred years ago didn’t subscribe to all the cultural and legal norms of 2021.  That is not the point.

What we are saying is that critical race theory is designed specifically to dismantle and destroy civilizations.  It has been unleashed on the West in order to break its will and build a Great Reset atop its ruins. Critical race theory is not designed as the end goal, it is merely the means to the brutal and authoritarian ends.  Critical Race Theory is intent on tearing civilizations down while focusing on power, control, perpetual change, and tribalism.  The US Constitution builds civilizations and their people up and focuses on freedom, equality, merit and individualism.  It is the most successful civilization in history.

Coke’s top leaders understand all this, and if they want to dismantle America, then America should know.  And America should dismantle Coke by not buying their products and eliminating any subsidies or preferential tax benefits that they receive.

Coke is just a soft drink company.  Nobody needs them.  They peddle unhealthy syrup water.

There are plenty of alternatives.

There is no alternative to America.

So, which one will you choose?

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