USA Women’s Soccer team captain Megan Rapinoe infuriated Americans with her childish and selfish behavior when she preemptively declined an offer from President Trump to celebrate their World Cup victory. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Rapinoe said she would “absolutely not” accept President Trump’s invitation to celebrate their win at the White House. Rapinoe also created a lot of negative attention for her team over her decision to kneel for the National Anthem.

Throughout the tournament, the adoring leftist media kept Rapinoe’s hatred for President Trump and her dislike for America front and center in the news, instead of focusing on the team and their accomplishments. Rapinoe, through her antics, caused many fans to lose interest in the team, and sadly, many Americans found themselves routing against the U.S. Women’s Soccer team who rallied behind their captain.

Conservative Derek Schwartz posted a video of the Trump-hating Megan Rapinoe dancing in front of a crowd during their victory parade.

“I have never seen someone try so hard to be cool,” he captioned the video in his tweet.

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“Bachelorette” finalist Tyler Cameron jumped in to defend Rapinoe, asking if anyone would criticize Rapinoe if she were on the men’s soccer team?

So if it was someone from the men’s soccer team he’d be so cool then, right Derek? Smh, Rapinoe is a legend and reached the pinnacle of her career. Shake what your mama gave you! Shes the definition of “cool” which is an understatement for her She stands for so much she’s a hero????


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The “Bachelorette” finalist quickly discovered that his opinions on Twitter are not as popular as his good looks on the ABC Batchelorette show that’s skewed towards women who simply want to enjoy a little brainless entertainment.

Chase Brody McNary was only one of hundreds of responses to Cameron’s tweet, letting him know he was wrong to defend the anti-American soccer player. We chose his response because we felt it best represents how a lot of American feel about Megan Rapinoe :

With all do respect She would be the ultimate hero if she could find a way to represent the USA with American pride. If she spoke highly of the history of this country that allows her to play a sport for a living. There’s so much more to the USA than the political BS.

Tyler, who obviously didn’t like being challenged on Twitter over his support for Rapinoe, quickly pointed out, “Look at the people who disagree and hate on this post,” he said. “It’s mainly older men and women.” We’re not sure how Cameron was able to determine so quickly the ages of the Twitter users since 99.99% of Twitter users don’t list their age on their profiles, but I digress.

Cameron continued, as he so brilliantly pointed out, “The younger generation spreads love and will change the world.” Apparently, Cameron has never seen an Antifa protest in Portland, Or. or on the campus of Berkeley in California.

Here’s his tweet:

Janet Parks quickly corrected Cameron, saying: Actually, I have to disagree with your sentiment as I see the most hate from the younger generation. I think Rapinoe is a legend and deserves the respect for a great year but I am upset that she did not care about the flag being dropped on the field during the celebration JMO

Another Twitter user refuted his comment: Not true, I’m 21 and I don’t agree with what you said. She’s an amazing soccer player don’t get me wrong. But her throwing the American flag on the ground when she plays for the AMERICAN soccer team just triggers tf out of me. Not a hero in my eyes.

Here’s the video of the flag dropping incident she’s referring to. First, the US player on Rapinoe’s left drags the American flag on the ground, next she drops it to the ground to pose for the camera, as Rapinoe stands next to the American flag on the ground. One of the players notices the American flag on the ground in front of the entire world and quickly reaches in to snag it before they step all over the flag:

66-year-old Cindy Dawn-Hutzler leveled the Batchelorette finalist with her tweet, calling him out for his disrespect: Dear Tyler-please know that I am an older woman and I am thrilled to have young women attain power and show how incredible they are BUT the women my age (66) are a huge part of Why younger women Have made the strides they have. We fought for them in the “old days”

Tyler recently retweeted a post from Alexis Isabel, one of the most anti-American feminists on Twitter, accusing Americans of “really, really” hating “poor people”:

They are… threatening to take children away from their families… because their parents can’t afford to pay off a school lunch debt…….. this country really, really hates poor people.


Becca Kufrin was the last bachelorette to chose a mate on ABC’s “Batchelorette” show. Everyone loved her choice, 28-year-old Garrett Yrigoyen, of Reno, NV, until they discovered his social media accounts were riddled with pro-Second Amendment posts and that he had Republican-leaning views on social issues.

Yrigoyen suddenly became the “bad guy,” leaving many people questioning how the “Batchelorette” allowed him to be a contestant on the show, and how they made the mistake of letting his political views to slip through the cracks?

Here’s one of Garrett’s controversial Instagram posts where he points out the difference between conservative women and femiNazis on the left.

Garrett also “like” an image of anti-American Colin Kaepernick next to an actual military hero. His “liking” this post, was of course, of grave concern to viewers.

Pop Sugar and other publications referred to his conservative posts as a “scandal.” From the Pop Sugar report on Garrett’s “scandal”:

HuffPost also found more posts that Garrett’s account had “liked,” ones that signal his beliefs are far more concerning than simply supporting typical Republican causes. The memes, which were primarily from the Merica Supply Co. Instagram page, ridiculed trans and genderqueer people and also joked about throwing undocumented immigrant children over the proposed border wall (which you can see in the tweets below). Garrett also “liked” a post supporting the debunked theory that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student activist David Hogg is a crisis actor, which is exactly the kind of conspiracy theory that leads to harassment of gun violence victims and grieving families.

So, it’s a scandal when a conservative contestant on the “Batchelorette” show expresses their views on social media, but when a liberal posts their views, calling older Americans haters while suggesting the younger generation will save the world from them, he’s just being “woke.” No big deal…

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this double standard. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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