Credit card companies have caved to Democrats in congress who pushed for a new merchant code to identify and track guns and ammo sales. The International Standards Organization (ISO), which sets financial service industry rules, agreed to develop a four-digit merchant code to classify gun purchases.
Lauren Boebert, a staunch 2A rights advocate, wrote, “The Second Amendment is under siege.”


Credit card industry representatives have cleared the way for tracking purchases, and supporters believe the tracking will reduce gun crime.
Gun purchases were considered miscellaneous retail or sporting goods. Merchant category codes are four digits used to classify retailers across the retail spectrum while not revealing individual product purchases until now.
Has the left forgotten the “Bill of Rights”? With the new codes tracking sales, Col. Rob Maness urged cash purchases.


State senators Diane Feinstein and Elizabeth Warren led the way, sending letters to Visa, American Express, and Mastercard urging them to allow gun sales tracking saying they would be ending their “financial support of gun violence and domestic terrorism”;

“We write to urge Mastercard to support the creation of a new merchant category code (MCC) for gun and ammunition retail outlets, and to seek answers to reports that the company has obstructed efforts to create such a category, which would be an important step towards ending financial system support for gun trafficking, gun violence, and domestic terrorism.”

Credit card companies create a national registry, bypassing the legislature and the rule of law altogether and serving to erode the constitution and consumer privacy rights. Since Democrats can’t pass legislation to track gun sales, they use companies to do their dirty work.

Large corporations conspiring with politicians is a disturbing trend. Holding companies accountable who infringe on the law can take years of fighting. For example, social media platforms worked with the Democrats to suppress damning information during the presidential race of 2020. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg finally admitted that Facebook interfered in the elections by censoring information harmful to Joe Biden’s candidacy.

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