Woke activists and journalists continue to demand more of people to prove that they aren’t “racist”.

Leftists default to assuming that a white person is racist unless they go through painstaking efforts to prove otherwise.

One journalist from Rewire News took those demands to a whole new level last week when she said that she assumes white people who have a good relationship with their family are racist.

She proudly proclaimed that she is only on speaking terms with three members of her family because she has disavowed everyone else for not being woke enough.

Her comments were not well received by Twitter users who called her out for her own privilege and hypocrisy.

The Daily Mail Reports

A woke journalist is being ridiculed online for saying whites who get on with their relatives must not be challenging what she says are their loved ones’ racist views.

Jessica Mason Pieklo, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor at Rewire News, received criticism for her tweet thread last week that accused ‘even good white families’ of being a ‘little racist when you scratch the surface.’

Her initial tweet called out white people, saying that if they are committed to racial justice, yet in good standing with most of their family members, she has questions about their commitment to racial justice.

Pieklo revealed she is only in contact with three family members for this reason – as she posed her first question: ‘How committed are you, really?’

Pieklo began her tweet thread with: ‘Honestly if you’re a white person who says they’re committed to racial justice and you’re in good standing with most your family I have *questions* for you and they are def pointed.”

One user said that her family “got the better end of the deal” after she stopped talking to them, calling her a “miserable and broken” person.

Another mocked her for her own privilege, saying she was trying to save “non-white people” by “race-shaming” all whites in her pilates and spin classes.



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