Lululemon Athletica was already struggling with dropping stock prices, but their latest foray into “woke” politics is likely not going to play well with American consumer, who may not agree with their radical views.

Screenshot of Lululemon Athletica stock price at 1:48 PM EST 9-11-20

Fox News reports – Lululemon promoting a workshop to resist capitalism is stretch when the company itself is worth billions, critics are saying on social media.

The publicly traded athleisure brand, which sells leggings for upwards of $120, is facing backlash for recently posting a “Five to Follow” list on Instagram with one of its brand ambassadors promoting a workshop and its plans to “unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism,” according to the post.

“Woke Capital” celebrated Lululemon’s “decolonize gender” and “resist capitalism” workshop.

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Others on Twitter were not so complimentary of the brand that charges upwards of $120 for a pair of leggings. Christina tweeted: Ok @lululemon Calling you out on your bullshit workshop.

Please explain how you “resist capitalism” while charging $148 for leggings?

The “woke” Lululemon has not addressed the controversy on Twitter, but they do encourage their followers to check out their partnership with the far-left, radical “When We All Vote” organization.

A self-proclaimed “fitness enthusiast” had this blistering response to their tweet: I’m a fitness enthusiast and have enjoyed your clothing for years but I’m going to be purchasing my workout clothes from other brands from now on. “Diversity, inclusion, and action” is code for Cultural Marxism & Critical Race Theory and we literally all know it. No thanks.

Other customers of Lululemon slammed them on the same tweet:

My daughters used to love wearing your clothes, though extremely overpriced. Defeat capitalism?? Give your stuff away, then. They’ll have to wait until they get their own jobs now- not one more dime from me because of this nonsense. None.

Crazy how a company who resist capitalism has that much money to just give away!!!


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