The only thing that rivals her class and elegance, is her patriotism and insane musical talent.

Victory Boyd, a gifted Grammy Award-winning singer/musician was slated to sing the National Anthem at the NFL season-opener in Tampa Bay.  That was before the NFL canceled her appearance because she declined to be vaccinated for religious reasons.

The social justice warriors that infest the NFL upper management faced a daunting conundrum; having to choose between allowing a talented, unvaccinated black artist to sing the anthem, or continue to court the woke mob who ruined the NFL by allowing players to disrespect our country, our flag, and LEO’s with spurious charges of racially inclined police brutality.

No man can serve to masters so the limp-wristed NFL wimps chose to side with the insane left, further widening the divide between the vaxxed and unvaxxed; the “division du jour’ which is quickly replacing the racial divide that the NFL proudly helped create.

Ms. Boyd had this to say about the NFL canceling her performance:

“We’re in a pretty scary time right now where discrimination and segregation is becoming socially acceptable and few are doing anything to resist. People are losing jobs, being denied service at restaurants, concert venues, and airports here in America all because of their deeply held convictions or medical conditions.

From New York to California, and even in states such as Florida where I lost this opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve made peace with not being able to sing the National Anthem tomorrow for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But I have not and will not make peace with the re-emergence of segregation and discrimination. This is not okay and it’s about time that we say so.

The patriotic singer is equally talented and beautiful, and no doubt will have made more fans by being steadfast in her beliefs and convictions than she would’ve gained by singing before a shrinking NFL audience.

Don’t skip the end of her rendition of the anthem. It may well be the most magnificent version you’ve ever heard:


“After being canceled by the NFL to perform the Anthem at the season-opening game because of my vaccination status, I decided to sing anyways.  Except this time not for the theatrics of a football game.

This time I sing for America. To remind her who she is — the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This is dedicated to anyone that has taken a stand for freedom. I stand with you.”

Victory Boyd will not be defeated by the woke left or anyone else. She is principled, strong, and definitely on the right side of history.

You can help make Victory victorious by supporting her work here.


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