Negotiators at the New York Times failed to reach a collective bargaining agreement with a union that represents 1,100 of the New York Times employees this week.

As a result, the employees have gone on strike, further hampering the already struggling paper’s operations.

The workers plan to strike for 24 hours for the time being while they are negotiating a contract with bosses at the paper of record.

Employees complained that the contract does not give them a large enough raise and take issue with the company’s health and retirement benefits.

The Times has reportedly offered employees a 15.5 percent raise over the next two years, while the Writers Guild demands a 29.5 percent raise over the same time period.

On Thursday, dozens of New York Times employees protested outside of the paper’s headquarters in midtown New York.

Breitbart Reports

More than 1,100 New York Times employees are set to go on a 24-hour strike that begins on Thursday, December 8, at midnight, following the company’s failure to reach an agreement with the Times’ union.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and others are encouraging readers not to “cross the digital picket line” and boycott the Times for 24 hours while the union workers are on strike.

Bowman said:

Peace and love, everyone. Tonight at midnight, 1,100 journalists from the New York Times are going to be going on a 24-hour strike. Do not cross the digital picket line. Let us stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are walking off the job in protest to make sure they earn the wages they deserve. Let us not cross the digital picket line. Let’s stand with them and tell your friends “do not consume their news from the New York Times tomorrow. We’ll get it from somewhere else but stand with our brothers and sisters in labor, peace and love.

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