Reverend Dr. Caleb J. Lines is a woke minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ. He works at University Christian Church in San Diego, California.

This self-described “progressive Christian leader” preaches about issues of social justice including matters of race, transgenderism, and gun control. In reality, he is a Left-wing political activist masquerading as a preacher, using his platform to spread his political agenda instead of the word of God.

Rev. Dr. Caleb J. Lines

In a TikTok posted by Lines, he explained to his followers why drag is “holy” and why humanity is “God in drag.”

“There has been an assault on the rights of drag performers in this country, and we must call out the hypocrisy and the injustice,” Lines said.

He then oddly connected a metaphor used by Jesus to dressing in drag, which have absolutely nothing to do with each another.

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“Jesus called himself a mother hen longing to gather up her chicks. Gender is a construct, you see? And if Jesus can be a mother hen, then you can dress in drag.”

“I’ve even heard it said that Jesus was, and humanity is, God in drag,” added Lines, in a ridiculous attempt to make it seem like this is a widely-held belief.

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“Drag is holy,” concluded the woke pastor.

In another sermon given by Rev. Lines during what he called “Pride Sunday,” he said that God is gay, a lesbian, trans, and gender non-binary, and “differently-abled mental and physically.”

He uses his platform to preach about other political topics as if they were written about in the bible and insists that “as followers of Jesus” people should advocate for certain policies.

Recently, he has been very vocal about gun control laws.

“Common sense gun laws have to be put in place. And as followers of Jesus, we have to be willing to advocate for those,” Lines said in a TikTok video. “We have to be willing to call out politicians who talk a good game and then do nothing.”

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