The left has been trying more and more to control speech via ‘suggested’ alternatives to words they consider triggering. It’s all about power and our freedom of speech should mean saying anything without being shamed or censored. Don’t let them control you.

College should be a time of discovery and critical thinking but another ‘woke’ university is pushing its agenda on the students and faculty. The idiotic tactic is to point out words that a campus counseling service deems ‘oppressive.’ Fox News reported, as a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t say ‘rule of thumb’ at this university.

Believe it or not, supposed trigger words like “picnic,” “trigger warning,” and “rule of thumb” are on the “Oppressive Language List.”

The Brandeis University Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center lists examples of “gender exclusive,” “ableist,” and “culturally appropriative” terminology that “can get in the way of meaningful dialogue.”

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Campus Reform first reported on the ‘Oppressive Language List.’

The ‘Oppressive Language List’ was developed recently as part of the ‘Response to Anti-Blackness’ program and claimed the word “picnic” is associated with lynchings of black people. The suggested replacement word for a picnic is “outdoor eating.” Reuters shot down the claim about the word picnic with a fact check: Fact check: The word picnic does not originate from racist lynchings

“These recommendations for more-neutral language are brought forth by students who have been subject to violence or who have worked with others who are healing from violence, as well as students who have sought out advanced training in intervening in potentially violent situations.”

According to the New York Post, the Oppressive Language List surfaced just weeks after a Brandeis administrator was revealed to have said on social media that “all white people are racist in that all white people have been conditioned in a society where one’s racial identity determines life experiences/outcomes and whiteness is the norm and default.”


A Brandeis spokesperson released a statement soft-pedaling the “Oppressive Language List,” saying it “is in no way an accounting of terms that Brandeis students, faculty, or staff are prohibited from using or must substitute instead. It is simply a resource that can be accessed by anyone who wants to consider their own language to be respectful of others who may have different reactions to certain terms and phrases.”

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