“They want every action in this country to be informed by the color of people’s skin.”

Who didn’t see this coming? For years, woke white liberals have been lecturing and postulating about the lack of opportunities in the black and brown communities due to the alleged “privilege” enjoyed by other white people.

They are seemingly unaware of their own “whiteness” and subsequent “privilege”, as they point accusatory fingers at conservatives of every skin shade, accusing them of racism and enjoying an unfair advantage over people that don’t think look like them.

It was only a matter of time, then, before their baseless rhetoric caught up with them. Now, those whose plight they pretend to champion are calling them out, insisting they get some of their privileged white skin in the game. Apparently minuscule gestures of solidarity, like BLM lawn signs and tee shirts arent cutting it with the Black Lives Matter Marxists anymore, and they want more than just weekly riot participation and lip service.

The Daily Mail reports,

A social justice group has said it sent a letter to white Democrats in two wealthy Texas neighborhoods calling on them to pledge their children will not apply to Ivy League schools so that black students can get a spot instead.

Dallas Justice Now (DJN), which appears to have been set up recently, is asking white supporters of Black Lives Matter to commit to ‘making sacrifices to correct centuries of injustice.’

The group is specifically calling on white people to sign its ‘college pledge’ not to send their children to Ivy League or US News & World Report Top 50 schools and instead leave those spots open for students from Black, LatinX, and other marginalized backgrounds who were denied access to these institutions for hundreds of years.’

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Here’s the pledge they’re asking recipients to sign, with the promise that they will post both the names of those who take the pledge and those that refuse to:

As a white person with privilege both from my whiteness and my neighborhood, I recognize the need to make sacrifices for the purpose of correcting hundreds of years of murder, slavery, discrimination, and lack of educational and economic opportunities perpetrated upon people of color. I understand that access to top schools is a key component in economic and social advancement. Therefore, I commit that my children will not apply to or attend any Ivy League School or US News & World Report Top 50 School so that position at that school is available for people of color to help correct historical wrongs. If I do not have children under 18 then I will commit to encouraging my white privileged friends, neighbors, and family members with children to sign the pledge and holding them accountable until they do so.

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Candace Owens appeared on Fox News with Mark Stein where she lambasted the racist group and the racist left in no uncertain terms saying, among other things, “America with liberals and progressives at the helm of it is certainly becoming an increasingly more systematically racist country. That’s what they want, that’s what they’re asking for. That’s exactly what this open letter is demanding; ‘we want more systemic racism, we want people to focus on skin color and make sure people are segregated according to their skin color’. They want every action in this country to be informed by the color of people’s skin.”


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