You better put your snorkel on, because this wishy-washy video of a woman calling the cops on a few whales might be the best, funniest, and scariest thing you’ve seen all day. I think we’ve just reached the bottom of the safe space abyss!

It starts off with a family out on a fun and peaceful boating trip. Then out of nowhere, the most amazing thing happens. A whale shows up, then another! This is something that people often pay lots of money to see on whale watching trips, but this lucky family just got the show for free and it was very up close and personal.

The whale swims up to the boat, investigating it, and even performs a little show by rolling over.

Just about anyone seeing this would be absolutely astonished.

But not this girl!

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She wants to call 911! She called the police from the boat and reported the whale being too close. She said she was afraid/scared that the whale was going to hurt them.

Anyone on a boat should know that whales are not exactly up for the attack when it comes to boaters.

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She must not have seen all those crazy videos of people on their kayak paddling close to whales.

Anyway, here’s the video. Just think – she might be a future leader of America one day.

If you’re wondering what could top this, then keep dreaming because I don’t know!

I admire the man who is recording and enjoying the moment. It’s not every day that nature blesses you with such a close encounter with such big and beautiful creatures who are so peaceful.

At one point in the video, it looks like the whale began to follow the boat and gave them a spray show.

I could only imagine myself in her position and I would have loved every second of it.

To be that lucky to be on a boat in the middle of paradise and have a such an enormous creature of our wonderful Earth get that close is nothing less than a blessing.

It’s too bad the entitled woman felt frightened by the peaceful whale, as it just shows she is certainly not ready for the real world nor does she understand the majestic beauty of a whale approaching a boat in a peaceful manner.

There’s a good chance she spends all day chatting on social media, because anyone else may have embraced the experience and knew that the whale wasn’t there to attack.

Had JAWS showed up, then maybe she should worry.

I just hope she doesn’t vote.

An article on Patch reported: “LYNNWOOD, WA – A Lynnwood family is sharing a whale of a tale after they had a close encounter with a few humpback whales on out Puget Sound recently. The whales were right under the Lucianna family’s boat, and one woman on board – very freaked out – ended up calling 911 on the giant mammals.

“I’m out in Puget Sound and there’s three gray whales and I’m a afraid we might get flipped over and I’m really scared,” the woman tells the 911 dispatcher.

After a few minutes of watching the whales, the family decide to leave the scene.

“Drive away faster, please,” a man can be heard saying in the video. The whales follow for a little bit, breach the surface of the water, and then disappear.

Darren Lucianna uploaded the video to Facebook.”

I wonder if she’s a Bernie Sanders supporter!

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