It’s not easy being a male in the #MeToo era. As a mother of daughters, I’m profoundly aware of how sexual assault is a very real thing. My husband and I have done our best to discuss best practices when it comes to handling potential issues with unwanted sexual advances and sexual assault, that could take place at school, in the workplace, in social situations, or even in public places. Because I’m a mother of daughters, doesn’t mean I’m blind to the reality of how easily women can destroy a young man over false accusations of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault.

The case of a horrible woman who accused a little 9-year-old boy wearing a school backpack, that happened to brush by her as he passed through a deli with his mom and little sister, is a perfect example of an unhinged woman who didn’t think twice about falsely accusing a little boy with his mother in a public space, when no such event took place.

On Wednesday, Facebook user Jason Stovetop Littlejohn shared a video of the ensuing argument, reportedly outside the Sahara Deli in Flatbush, N.Y. “Meet Cornerstore Caroline. White Woman calls police on a kid, saying he sexually assaulted her,” he wrote. “As I walked up I noticed the argument, apparently, the kid brushed up against her and she said he touched her and decided to call police on a nine-year-old child. As you can see the kid is crying and the mom is upset.”

The Littlejohn video also captures the following exchanges.

Klein responds, “I am a police officer. No, white lady, I will not [go away].” According to Heavy, she was quoting the boy’s mother, who allegedly identified herself as a cop.

“I want the cops here right now,” the woman, identified by the New York Post as Teresa Sue Klein of Flatbush, in Brooklyn, says to the 911 operator. “The son grabbed my a**” She also offers to “submit the security tapes for evidence.”

The boy and, presumably, his sister cry and wail in fear while standing next to their mother, as a crowd gathers in defense of the family. “I was just sexually assaulted by a child,” yells the woman to the angry crowd, according to Heavy.

“Are you seriously calling the police?” says a female passerby. “Go away. What is your problem? I’m calling you out.” –Yahoo

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This video is very disturbing, but it does reveal how quickly a young boys life can be turned upside down by a false accusation.

The second part of the video, where the little boy can be seen outside of the deli crying over her false accusation, can be seen here:

Remember all the women running around with “We Beleive Her” signs and t-shirts in DC after Dr. Ford accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault over 36 years ago? Isn’t it stunning to think of how many women were willing to march in DC to protest the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, based on Christine Ford’s 36-year-old accusation, without a shred of actual evidence that her accusations were true? There was, however, evidence that she was lying when all 3 witnesses she relied on to verify her story said it never happened. Ahhh…but who cares what the witnesses she claimed could back up her story said. We’re living in an era of #MeToo, where all men are guilty until proven innocent.

God help our young boys…

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