The anchor baby business in the U.S. is HUGE! Many Asian women go to birth homes to have their baby on our shores.  This woman was obviously interested in doing just that when she traveled at 36 weeks pregnant…she just cut out the middle man and had the baby on the flight. 

The Taiwanese woman who gave birth on a flight from Taipei, Taiwan, to Los Angeles has been deported without her newborn baby from the United States.

The birth occurred on China Airlines Flight 008 in early October.

According to a passenger, the woman was flying alone and when the plane made an emergency landing in Alaska, Border Patrol came on board.

The woman was reportedly 36 weeks pregnant when she boarded the plane, which is against China Airlines policy. For pregnancies past the 32-week mark, a certified doctor’s note is required to fly.

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China Airlines staff have accused the woman of hiding her pregnancy when she boarded, Al Jazeera reported.

The woman allegedly asked one of the flight attendants assisting with the birth whether the plane was in U.S. airspace after her water broke.

The woman may have been involved in birth tourism, where pregnant women come to the United States to give birth so their child will be granted citizenship.

The woman may face fines of more than $33,000 from China Airlines for the emergency landing.

Apparently Obama’s open door policy towards immigrants and their anchor babies only applies to Hispanics and ISIS terrorists fleeing Syria. When it comes to Asians the regime has no problem with dividing families.

Actually, as an old sea lawyer, my understanding of international law makes me question whether this woman’s child qualifies for American citizenship. Even if the birth occurred in American airspace, she was still on a Chinese flagged vessel when it happened.

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Regardless of national jurisdiction, there’s the question of exactly when birth occurs, when the water breaks, when the baby is partially or fully out or when the umbilical cord is cut? Timing is everything.

So is planning. Had this woman simply arrived here a month earlier she might’ve slipped through the cracks and disappeared into the population to join the millions of other illegal aliens living comfortably here in the US.

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