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It says right on the big restaurant sign that you’re about to enter the “Home of Throwed Rolls.”

But Troy Tucker says she never saw the bread coming straight at her, which banged her in the eye and damaged her cornea.

The 67-year-old St. Louis woman wants $35,000 from Lambert’s Café in Sikeston, Mo., for injuries she says she suffered when a server lobbed a roll that bopped her in the head.

She is suing the family restaurant chain after suffering a lacerated cornea, according to her attorney William Meehan.

“I know it sounds innocuous,” he told the Daily News Thursday. “But you really shouldn’t throw things at people, just like your mother said … You can put an eye out.”

A message left by The News with the restaurant’s insurance agent was not immediately returned.

Lambert’s has two restaurants in Missouri and a third in Alabama. The chain specializes in substantial servings of chicken-fried steak, fried bologna, steaks, meatloaf and various fish dishes.

Servers lob dinner rolls at customers who hold up their hands.

Tucker had gone to the Sikeston franchise last year with her church group. “So she’s sitting there, one of the servers threw a roll and it hit her in the cornea,” Meehan said.

Meehan said he filed suit after the restaurant’s insurance company denied her claim.

Via: NYDaily News

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