***Warning***Content is graphic.

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer, bravely walked through a crowd of leftists at the Women’s March wearing a Make America Great Again hat and Trump scarf. Shroyer bravely schooled one of the indoctrinated male liberals on a number of topics, including how Hillary Clinton rigged the election so Socialist Bernie Sanders couldn’t defeat her in the 2016 Democratic primary election.  After the young liberal male conceded on two points that he was wrong, he asked why Shroyer was attending the march? Shroyer explained that he believes that “it’s a friggin joke” that women actually believe they are oppressed in America. Shroyer then told the group that he thinks the women who are attending the march because they hate Trump, and the media got them all drummed up to hate Trump. Shroyer also said he didn’t think any of the women who were attending the march would be there if Trump wasn’t President of the United States. The young man claimed that woman are also marching because over a decade ago, Trump was caught saying “grab em by the p*ssy” to another male during a private conversation.

While Shroyer was discussing the statement made by Trump, a woman walked up to Shroyer and grabbed his genitals. While sexually assaulting Shroyer, the woman who was a perfect stranger to Shroyer, told him, “So if our President can grab a woman by the pussy, I can grab you by the balls?” Shroyer, who appeared to be shocked by the sexual assault by a perfect stranger, turned to the police and  shouted, “She just grabbed my dick, is that sexual assault?” the woman boldly answered, “Yes.” Shroyer asked, “So, you just sexually assaulted me?” Again, she boldly answered, “I did assault you.” Shroyer asked, “Should you be arrested?” The woman arrogantly responded, “Arrest me.” Shroyer told her, “I’m not gonna arrest you.” She looked at the police officers right behind him, and told him, “There are police officers right here.”  Shroyer, incredulously asked, “So, look, women have so much power, she can sexually assault me? If I did that to her, I’d get arrested.” I just told you, if you want to go ahead, there are police right here.” The woman explained that it was perfectly okay for her to walk up and grab him by the crotch because she is “fighting for equality.”

The last part of the video is hilarious, as another liberal male stepped up to ask which President has assaulted more women than Trump? When Shroyer mentioned Bill Clinton, the young liberal seemed shocked, asking him to explain. When Shroyer named at least two women who accused Bill Clinton of rape, the young boy seemed shell-shocked.

Watch the uneducated hypocrites and the admitted female sexual assaulter in this incredible video.

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The woman in the video has been arrested and charged with sexual assault. In a statement by Shroyer, he asks his supporters to not dox her on social media and explains that he only hopes she gets what she deserves for her abhorrent sexual assault on him.

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