WE LOVE THIS WOMAN! Becky Gerritson embodies everything that makes America so special and unique. She is a “limited government conservative” who is passionate about preserving and protecting the United States of America and everything we, as a nation stand for. She is a military wife and a brave warrior, who is ready to march to Washington DC and shake things up. Becky is running for US Rep. in Alabama’s 2nd District. She is up against a RINO incumbent who, has voted to continue support for Obama’s reckless Refugee program. Sending Representatives like Becky to DC, who are unafraid to confront an overreaching and out of control government should be a 1st priority for every freedom loving American.

Becky moved out of her comfort zone, and into the national spotlight where she bravely faced Congress while staring down the punitive director of the IRS. In her powerful, passionate (and now famous) speech, she demanded the IRS was held accountable for the Stalinist tactics that were used against her, as they attempted silence her conservative views that were in stark contrast to Barack Obama.

We are committed to helping Becky Gerritson defeat her RINO incumbent in Alabama.

Becky Gerritson is up against an establishment Republican (RINO) in the primary election in Alabama who voted to continue support for a reckless refugee program.  Establishment Republicans are now facing serious primary challenges, such as incumbent establishment Republican Martha Roby in Alabama-2, who is being challenged by Becky Gerritson. Roby is trying desperately to run away from the Syrian refugee jihadi threat because she repeatedly voted to fund it.

Becky Gerritson

Conservative congressional challenger Becky Gerritson has just issued a stinging challenge on the issue of Muslim immigration to her incumbent establishment Republican opponent Rep. Martha Roby (AL-2).

“I promise to fight President Obama’s open arms policy and oppose all legislation that invites danger into the lives of the men, women, and children of this great nation,” Gerritson stated in a pledge to Alabama voters. “In essence, this is Obama’s Islamic Importation Plan; and we cannot risk adopting his strategy that fails to screen against importing terrorists into this country.”

And by giving Obama a blank check in the budget and spending bills that could have stopped the Syrian “refugee” madness Republicans own the Syrian refugee jihadi infiltration problem.

Tea Partier, conservative, patriot, wife, mother, Christian- These are some of the words that describe Becky Gerritson, the grassroots activist who was thrown into the national spotlight during the illegal IRS probing of conservative and libertarian interest groups several years ago. During a passionate speech in front of an audience of a congressional sub committee, in which she testified on behalf of her organization- the Wetumpka TEA Party, Becky’s words went viral instantly, and began to inspire and encourage activists across the country to hold their government more accountable for it’s actions.

In October of this year, Gerritson made the decision to shift from grassroots conservative activist, to instead take on the GOP establishment head-on by challenging current Congresswomen Martha Roby (R-AL, 2nd District) to a primary, in order to receive the Republican nomination in time for the 2016 election. Here are some questions Becky was able discuss with me in order to give voters, and Americans across the country, a better look at her candidacy, and what her campaign’s presence means to the current state of the Republican Party and establishment politics as a whole:

Brownell: Why have you decided now is the best time to run for office? Why congress and not a state level position?

Becky: I’ve never wanted to run for political office before, and I had always pushed back when others urged me to do so. However, after years of fighting for a restoration of the America I grew up in, I grew tired of seeing my representative fail to share my commitment. Our country is in desperate need of bold, courageous citizen leaders who will step forward to fight for principle. After much prayer, I knew I had to answer the call.

Brownell: With the general dissatisfaction with the GOP, even with John Boehner gone, why did you decide to run as a Republican and not an Independent?

Becky: I’ll be the first to admit that there are many times in which I find myself frustrated with my Party. However, I believe that there is strategic significance to trying to save the Republican Party from within. In Congress, I won’t go with what Party leadership over principle. I will, however, use whatever influence I have to return my Party back to conservatism.


Brownell: What are some of the biggest concerns you hear from voters in you’re district?

Becky: Voters are concerned about the future. They see a President and an unelected Supreme Court ruling, not governing. They see their rights taken away. They see a debt rising that threatens the security and economic stability of this country. And, what’s worse, many feel helpless. They vote, and then they see nothing change. I’m running to be the kind of leader that the voters can know and trust will actually stand up and fight the status quo to change the direction of this country.

Brownell: On your website’s issues page you have a section discussing your views on the 10th Amendment- do you think that the states have the right to nullify executive orders and acts of congress?

Becky: You know, I think every branch of government needs to start exercising its constitutional authority. We need to reign in the Judicial and Executive branches, and the best way to do that is by the Legislative branch and the states reasserting themselves and say “no, Mr. President” or “no, Supreme Court, we are drawing the line here, and you cannot cross.” The 10th Amendment has been totally thrown out, and we need more states standing strong in opposition to unconstitutional actions by the federal government.

Brownell: As a military wife currently living in a part of Alabama with a large veterans community, do you think the VA needs to be reformed from within, or privatized?

Becky: It needs to be completely overhauled, and I think all options need to be on the table. My opponent is pushing to put the solution in the hands of the same VA bureaucracy that got us in this mess. Top-down, bottom- up this system must be overhauled, every job and individual evaluated, and the very manner of doing things analyzed to make sure our veterans never have to deal with an incompetent VA again.

Brownell: What is your view of possible boots on the ground in Syria?

Becky: Under this president, I absolutely oppose that idea. Under a Republican president, I’m still skeptical. The case needs to be made first what our interests are in getting involved. Secondly, a clear strategy for winning- not just the moment, but the long-term future of the region- must be presented. I don’t know that those two criteria will ever be met. I believe very strongly in American exceptionalism and leadership in the world. I also believe that we should be very hesitant to send our soldiers into a quagmire. A very strong case would need to be made for this course of action, and I’m not sure that case exists.

PLEASE click HERE to see where Becky Gerritson stands on issues that affect our entire nation.



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