Pektra LaQuiche Edgerton was quick to pull the race card when she was caught presenting herself as a police officer as a way to get free snacks in the local Quick Trip in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

According to The Blaze, parole officer Brandi Green waited in the car at the QuikTrip gas station as her friend Pektra LaQuiche Edgerton borrowed her badge and gun in order to score some free snacks.

Some convenience stores offer free drinks and snacks to first responders out of respect.

Edgerton was caught, however, when a real police officer in the store saw her use the badge for her ill-gotten snacks, and didn’t recognize her as a fellow officer.

When the woman was pulled over her by an actual police officer, she was still wearing the badge and gun.

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Instead of telling the truth about how she tried to scam the gas station for free snacks, she pulled out the race card.

The Police officer asked her who she works for, she told him “DCS.”

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The woman asked why he wants to know who she works for, and the law enforcment officer explained that he’s never seen her before.

“So are you a police officer, or are you not a police officer?” asked Gwinnett County police officer JT Smith.

“So, because a black person walks into a store with a badge and a gun it’s an issue?” she asked.

“It has nothing to do with you being black,” responded the police officer.

Again, the police officer pressed, “Are you a police officer or not a police officer?”

When she told the police man she’s not a police officer, he asked, “So, why would you go into Quick Trip and get free food with your badge and gun?”

“Because—I’m an officer. You don’t have to be a police officer to go in there. I’ve been doing it for three years,” she boldly responded.


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