We’ve reported previously on people taking the oath of office on the Koran but this is a new trend…

Athens, Georgia is home to the University of Georgia so it goes without saying that the campus has its share of snowflakes like any other campus these days. The effort to diversify and make everyone speak the same language of social justice exists on this campus even though it’s in a small southern town about an hour and half from Atlanta, Georgia. The social justice warriors put heat on the Greek system to eliminate the ‘Old South’ parade and event that was a tradition for decades. The cleansing of any remnants of the old south continues also with the attempt to take down Confederate statues across America. THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS ban was the ban on hoop skirts in 2015 because…racism.

Kappa Alpha fraternity was forced to stop the ‘Old South’ event at UGA. The photo below is from the University of Alabama where there were protests against the event.


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One of our readers commented with one word: “Whatever”… We’re hoping other Americans who read this will understand that this is NOT a “whatever” moment.


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A 26-year old doctoral student at UGA who won a seat on the local County Commission by only 13 votes insisted on NOT taking her oath of  office on the Bible…

One of the new council members in one of Georgia’s biggest cities picked Malcolm X over the Bible for her swearing-in.

Mariah Parker was sworn in this week to represent District 2 on the Athens-Clarke County Commission and refused to take her oath of office on the Bible, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“They asked if they would like the Bible and I said no. My mother asked if there was a copy of the Constitution around. No,” Ms. Parker told the AJC.


“I wanted Malcolm’s book,” she said, referring to “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” which, despite its title, was written by Alex Haley after its subject’s assassination by members of the Nation of Islam.

“I think they saw it coming,” said Ms. Parker, who also raised her fist in a black-power salute while taking the oath.

She is a 26-year-old doctoral student at the University of Georgia, in Athens, and won her race by just 13 votes. She campaigned for “bold, progressive leadership in Athens.”


I was very lucky to break away from some of the generational patterns, by going to college and getting out of the town,” said Parker. “But I struggled and I thought people only looked at me as having nothing to offer.”

A progressive, who describes herself as openly queer, Parker was motivated to run for office because of what she saw was a need for vocal leadership.

She beat Taylor Pass by 13 votes running on a platform of economic justice, reducing poverty and discrimination, affordable housing, fair wage jobs, youth development, criminal justice reform and marijuana reform.

She will have her hands full….Parker ran on a platform of ECONOMIC JUSTICE…The latest buzzword for socialism.


District 2, which she now represents, is an  economically struggling swath of east Athens that lacks some of the same amenities that other parts of town enjoyed. 

You have to love how the AJC leaves out the reason the other part of town doesn’t have as much. They chose to omit that detail.

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