A Pennsylvania woman is claiming a car crash before the 2016 election was caused by the ‘Trump House’ in Unity Township, Pennsylvania. The house is painted with an American flag and a 12′ foot likeness of Trump that the woman says caused the “distraction” of another driver who hit her car.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, Kellie Roadman blamed the Trump House , a Unity Township shrine erected to the then-presidential candidate that featured a 12-foot high cutout of a waving Trump. She claims the attraction served as a distraction that caused a collision in front of the property located near the village of Youngstown.

TRIBLIVE reports:

According to the lawsuit, Roadman claims that as she drove her 2005 Honda Civic north on Route 982 on Oct. 25, 2016 , her vehicle was struck by another motorist who had slowed down as it approached the Trump House.

“As a result of the poor conspicuity of the single driveway to the Trump House, as well as the number signs, posters and displays located on the defendants’ property … was distracted and not able to properly and safely locate the driveway entrance for the Trump House,” according to the lawsuit.

Roadman claims property owner Leslie Baum Rossi was negligent for failing to properly mark the driveway and not receiving a permit from PennDOT.

Roadman seeks damages in excess of $30,000, saying she suffered a leg and ankle fractures, knee injuries, spleen and liver lacerations and other sprains and cuts.

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