University of Kentucky Swimmer, Riley Gaines, tied in 5th with trans athlete Lia Thomas, says majority of women are not okay with it

Denied a trophy ceremony in favor of Thomas, Riley Gaines feels that the NCAA slighted her when she tied for 5th place in the NCAA 200 yard freestyle swim event. In an interview with Senator Marsha Blackburn, she had the following to say:

From The Hill:

“The majority of us female athletes, or females in general, really, are not OK with this, and they’re not OK with the trajectory of this and how this is going and how it could end up in a few years,”

“I touched the wall and saw there was a five by my name indicating that I got fifth … I also looked up, and I saw the number five by Lia’s name and so, in that moment, I realized we tied,” Gaines said. “It was kind of like a flood of emotions. I was extremely happy for the girls above me who conquered what was seemingly impossible by beating Lia.”

“I walked back [to get my trophy] and the NCAA official came up to me, and he said, ‘Hey, that was a great swim. We only have one fifth place trophy,’ which I understood, I get how that works. But he said, ‘We’re going to have to give the trophy to Lia. Yours will be coming in the mail. Great job.’

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Lia Thomas

Nor should women be OK with this. As alluded to, women’s competitions could easily become dominated by men within a few years thanks to the woke left. Gaines, and other women athletes who work exceptionally hard should not be penalized and erased because of people like Lia Thomas.

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Also notice that Gaines was not upset about coming in behind four other girls. Instead, she felt slighted that someone who shouldn’t even be allowed to compete was given the trophy she earned.

Thomas gained recognition last month for “winning” the women’s 500-yard freestyle as a biological male. That he was given the fifth place trophy instead of Riley Gaines, an actual woman competitor, is indeed an injustice in collegiate sports.


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