Retired piano teacher and Maryland resident, Judy Baumgarten (we are using a fictitious name to protect her identity), shared an inspirational story about how she won over a room full of strangers with her spontaneous reaction to Democrat Adam Schiff lies. Like most Trump supporters, she didn’t come unhinged; she didn’t scream at the tv, she instead, handled the situation with humor and class.

This morning, I had an appointment at the pain clinic. When I got there, their widescreen TV mounted to the wall was blasting Adam “Schitt,” surrounded by like-minded Democrats. He was reiterating all the reasons for the impeachment and why Trump needed to be impeached in order to preserve our country.

There were about 6 people in the reception room and, of course, I had no way of knowing which side of the fence they were. Nevertheless, I loudly stated, “Why do I have to watch this nonsense, especially when I didn’t bring any blood pressure medicine with me?” That got people talking. Before I knew it, I was standing up and giving a speech. Everyone agreed with me.

I ended the speech with, “I think I should run for office!” LOL! 

The best part of Judy’s story is that when she was finished, everyone in the room agreed with her. Trump supporters need to be courageous and to stop being afraid to show their support for one of America’s most exceptional Presidents. Trump supporters need to stop being afraid of being bullied by angry Democrats who can’t get over Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary.

Thank you, Judy, for being an example for millions of Trump supporters of what true courage looks like.

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