Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, had interesting things to say about her relationship with her father in a diary that was recovered by Project Veritas and reportedly shown at a Republican fundraiser.

The diary was found at a halfway house where Ashley Biden was recovering from drug addiction.  It includes a description of her sex life where she says she started having sex ‘at a young age.’

She also discusses ‘inappropriate’ showers with her father, President Joe Biden.

Earlier this year, the FBI raided James O’ Keefe’s home.  James is the founder of Project Veritas, the organization that the diary was sold to for $40,000.

O’ Keefe and his supporters claimed the raid was politically motivated and excessive, as the FBI would normally not raid someone’s house over a missing diary.

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Now, the FBI is reportedly investigating the woman who found the diary.

Via The Geller Report

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Ashely Biden’s diary revealed that her father, the current President of the United States, might have played a role in her being sexualized at a young age, and the big news is that it might have been criminal for someone else to possess the sordid autobiographical details.

No, really.

In the diary, the president’s daughter wrote that “showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)” might have played a role in her sex addiction as an adult, as well as being “hyper-sexualized [at] a young age” which allegedly involved another family member as a child, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

Considering “dad” is President Joe Biden, the chief executive and leader of the party which has made drag queens and classroom discussions on sexuality a political rallying point, this is rather significant.

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