The push for compliance to wear a burka is in full beast mode in Morocco…someone has posted pictures on Facebook of women in bikinis threatening them…Sharia or else? And now the news below that three beaches in the UK have totally banned the bikini! We’re hoping that women will raise heck about their freedoms being taken away!

Here’s a great comment from the information about the three closed UK beaches that delves deeper into what’s REALLY going on: From James Mitchem: “I just did a little research and east and north London appear to be particularly dense centers of Muslim population. Is it possible that the 37% of respondents could have been influenced by their belief in Sharia based modesty standards. Are the tourism chiefs catering to Sharia sensibilities by telling native Britons they cannot wear clothing like bikinis to the beach people have been wearing to the beach for their whole lives? If Muslims keep trying to take take away your ladies bikinis I would suggest to my British friends that you should join France and the Netherlands by taking away their Burqa in retaliation. Perhaps that will teach the cultural jihadists a lesson in manners and remind them that they have no right force their modesty standards on the native British population who in the kindness of their hearts let them or their parents migrate to Britain in the first place.”


Moroccan police have undertaken an investigation to determine those responsible for posting photos online of Moroccan women in bikinis on beaches throughout the country.


The photos were taken secretly and posted on a Facebook profile under the false name Aicha Amal, in a campaign calling on the women to turn to religion.

The group said it has taken 10,000 photos and has threatened to publish them all online.

In captions accompanying the photos it has already published, the group wrote: “rediscover the high road and turn to God”; “this is what happens in Morocco, land of Islam, principality of believers”; and “watch out, young Moroccan women, we have eyes that are filming you on the beaches and we will show your photos to prevent the deterioration of the country”….

Three beaches in the UK have decided to ban the bikini for Muslims…Creeping Sharia?

Tourism chiefs in Southend On Sea have announced that three beaches on the seafront will run a trial this summer where ladies will be asked to cover up while sunbathing. According to an email that has been seen by Southend News Network, these so-called ‘Modesty Beach Areas’ will be set up to attract visitors from all over the UK who may be uncomfortable with the sight of ‘excessive bare female skin’ for a number of either cultural or religious reasons.

Via: jihadwatch 

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