Meghan McCain has been inconsistent in her support for Republican candidates and has often expressed negative sentiments towards President Trump.

Still, she came out swinging today in the Daily Mail in what could only be seen as a full-throated endorsement of Republican candidates and a scathing condemnation of Democrats.

Her Op-Ed focused on Democrats attacks against women, particularly white women, who plan to vote for Republicans in the midterm elections.

“Once upon a time, ‘soccer moms’ were a courted group of swing voters.

Do you remember? Of course, back then, they weren’t dismissed as borderline racists or rabid partisans.


Why would they be? They didn’t dabble in the fringes of politics. Their voting habits were easy to understand. They wanted what was best for their families.” She begins.

She then says that political analysts and pundits were “perplexed” after white women broke for Trump in the 2016 elections, but the reason why they did is fairly simply.  White women are not single-issue voters on abortion, they, like everyone else, care about issues like the economy and education.

“The mystery of Hillary Clinton’s loss among white women perplexed political analysts.

How could women vote for Donald Trump? He’s a monster, they wailed!

But the answer to their question was very simple. All issues are women’s issues.

Simply because we are born with female anatomy does not mean we don’t care about the economy, education, foreign policy, and the wellbeing of our country.” She said.

Democrats confusion has turned to anger as white women once again plan to vote for Republicans in the midterm elections.  This is in large part because Democrats believe shaming white women in to voting them will work.

“In recent days and weeks, as polling shows a remarkable swing of suburban white women toward the Republican party, we’ve heard women described as ‘roaches’ and ‘Nazis’ for valuing their best judgement over the orders of Democrats and the liberal media.

It’s the revenge of the ‘Karens’ – and can you really blame them?

Liberals should not be surprised that insulting a voter is not the best closing message.”

Meghan ends by making her party allegiance this election clear, after calling Democrats shaming of white women the “most toxic and destructive political strategy in modern history”

“We are not soccer moms.

We are not Karens.

We are women – and today, hear us roar.”





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