Bad news for Democrats. After years of pandering to women for votes with divisive and mean-spirited rhetoric, women are throwing their hard-earned money behind the person they want to believe in, President Trump.

Women who are fed up with being told their children must share bathrooms and locker rooms with men, and that their daughter’s have to compete in sports with boys who identify as girls, won’t be sending their contributions to Democrat presidential candidates who support these reckless mandates.

White Women who are being told that their sons are worthless and their husbands must be cured of their toxic masculinity are not sending their checks to Democrats who perpetuate the attacks on the white American male.

Black and Hispanic women who were previously unemployed, but now, thanks to President Trump’s historic economy and record-low unemployment, are now working, will likely not be supporting Democrats who voted against legislation that made more jobs available for women and minorities.

Women who are watching news reports about how illegal aliens with criminal records are being relocated into their communities are not about to reward the Democrats who openly put illegal aliens before the safety and security of American citizens in their communities.

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According to the Daily Caller– More women are writing checks to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign than any of the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates, according to FEC data.

10,375 women have donated to Trump in the first quarter of 2020, more than double the nearest Democratic challenger. California Sen. Kamala Harris had the second highest number of female donors with 3,850.

Trump’s average donation per woman donor is also much lower than his top female opponents. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s average donation was $1,321, and Sen. Harris’s average was $935 per woman respectively, while Trump’s donors average out to $141.

The data, compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, uses publicly available contribution information from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Individual donors are only itemized with the FEC once they reach at least $200 in donations to a particular candidate.

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