Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has never made any secret of his flair for the flamboyant, but social media users in India are clearly not very fond of his wardrobe choices while visiting India on an odd 7-day trip with his family, where for the first 6 days he roamed the country without ever being greeted by a single government official.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in India with his family Saturday for a weeklong visit, but what caught people’s attention the most weren’t his politics, but his over-the-top wardrobe.

Fox News reports, that Trudeau, along with wife Sophie and their three kids, paraded through the country in a variety of Indian garb, taking time for plenty of photo ops, including in front of the Golden Temple in Amritsar and at an event with Bollywood stars.

Indian media outlets called out the Trudeaus for trying too hard, with Outlook India dubbing their looks “too Indian even for an Indian.”

Trudeau and his family’s over-the-top Indian get-ups have been lighting social media on fire…

Here’s Trudeau doing some sort of bizarre dance for a crowd at the Canada House in New Delhi:

Atirav Kapur asks: “Can someone tell him Indians don’t live like they are in a Bollywood set 24×7″

Trudeau was mocked for his excessive wardrobe. Anu Menon claimed Trudeau “has more Indian outfits than all the men in my family combined!”

And then there was the snubbing of Canada’s Prime Minister by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi

According to CNN, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first official visit to India is generating plenty of publicity, but for all the wrong reasons.

The Canadian leader was more than halfway through a week-long trip, and he has yet to meet with a single senior member of the Indian government, sparking widespread speculation he has been “snubbed” by New Delhi.
Trudeau landed in India along with his wife and three children on Saturday, beginning a winding tour across the country that has so far seen the family pictured at the Taj Mahal and wearing traditional dress at Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram in the western state of Gujarat.

In sharp contrast to Prime Minister Trudeau’s treatment, India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi appeared to be having a love fest with President Donald Trump on his visit to the White House in June.

The tweets mocking Canada’s prime minister just keep coming:

“Based Monitored”, a conservative American Twitter user doesn’t appear to understand Trudeau’s bizarre behavior any better than those who are tweeting about him in India. He tweeted: “Canada should hold a special election to get rid of this embarrassment. I refuse to call him by his name anymore. I will call him “white Obama” from now on.”

After a trip to India with his family that was mired in controversy, Prime Minister Trudeau finally got a meeting with India’s prime minister…and a hug.

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