Leave it to the celebrity mastermind James Woods to crush the souls of Obama fans across the globe with just a single tweet. Woods just made Obama look like an American-hater and it took just one sentence to call him out. It happened because of video footage that accompanied Woods’ tweet about the former president.

James Woods said that it was “Incomprehensible that even a world class liar like Obama would be low enough to disparage the heroes of #Benghazi…”

The tweet included a video of Barack Obama basically insulting the existence of the Benghazi incident in which American soldiers were left behind and not sent help that they desperately needed to get out of a horrifying attack.


Which included this tweet by Ryan Saavedra stating “Obama calls the Benghazi attack, which resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans, a “wild conspiracy theory” and included the horrible video of Obama acting like Benghazi was some sort of made up conspiracy theory by people wearing tin hats.

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Nah, Obama. It’s not. People survived and told the story. Are we going to listen to you, a guy who won’t call out terrorists for being radical Islam, or are we going to listen to soldiers who luckily survived the blitz and go with their account?

Whatever readers do, that’s up to you.

It’s a bit low for Obama to talk about Benghazi like this when so many people were extremely upset with what happened. Just knowing that a few people lost their lives fighting for his freedom, then it puts a damper on your night. You know people perished. We know they needed help.

Where did we go wrong?

Smells like something only Hillary Clinton could answer, but hey what difference does it make, right?

Isn’t that what she said when being questioned about Benghazi?

As per Independent:

“Mr Johnson, who spoke at the convention Tuesday, continuously asked Ms Clinton whether or not she should have called people who were evacuated from the 11 September 2012 attack to determine whether it had been orchestrated or stemmed from a protest outside the embassy.

“No, again, we were misled that there were supposedly protests and that something sprang out of that – an assault sprang out of that – and that was easily ascertained that that was not the fact,” Mr Johnson said in 2013, “and the American people could have known that within days, and they didn’t know that.”

Ms Clinton, growing more frustrated with the senator’s line of questioning, gave a stern response.

“With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans,” she said. “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d they go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?”

I believe the difference that it makes is giving the people who lost loved ones some closure and admitting that mistakes were made and promising to learn from them.

I can’t decide who has the worst comments about Benghazi. Is it Obama or Hillary?

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