Sister Deirdre Byrne is an active missionary, she’s a 30 yr. Army veteran, and is double board-certified in family medicine and general surgery. Sister Byrne supports President Trump because he is a fighter for the right to life and a champion for the unborn.

Tonight, the brave nun spoke at the Republican National Convention on behalf of the unborn and on behalf of President Trump who she calls the most pro-life President in American history.

“I must confess that I recently prayed while in chapel begging God to allow me to be a voice and instrument for human life, and now here I am, speaking at the Republican National Convention,” Sister Byrne told RNC convention viewers. “I guess you better be careful for what you pray for.”

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“Humility is at the foundation of our order, which makes it very difficult to talk about myself, but I can speak about my experience working for those fleeing war towns and impoverished countries around the world. Those refugees all share a common experience. They have all been marginalized; viewed as insignificant, powerless, and voiceless,” Sister Deirdre Byrne said. “And while we tend to think of the marginalize as living beyond our borders. The truth is, the largest marginalized group in the world can be found in the United States. They are the unborn.”

“As Christians, we first met Jesus as a stirring embryo in the womb of an unwed mother and saw him born nine months later in the poverty of the cave. It’s no coincidence that Jesus stood up for what was just and was ultimately crucified because what he said wasn’t politically correct or fashionable.”


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