It’s one thing to have the media constantly painting police officers in a bad light on a near daily basis. But it’s entirely another thing to have civilians discriminating against them on completely illegitimate grounds. This is exactly what happened this week when Jim Chambers, owner of the EAV Barbell Club in Atlanta, posted a sign on the front of his gym forbidding police officers.

The message that the sign conveys alone is upsetting. But the expletives included make it an even more shocking and vulgar. While the sign is no longer posted on his gym’s door, Chambers continue to stand by it. “We’ve had an explicitly stated ‘No Cop’ policy since we opened, and we also don’t open membership to active members of the military,” he said.

As a lifelong political activist, Chamber says that his sign and policy serves as a political statement. He says groups who work out there are generally minorities who are uncomfortable with the presence of law enforcement agents. Chambers claimed that if any police officials had a warrant, they could do their job but that he is “not breaking the law.” Chambers insists that they never have, and won’t ever need the help of officers. He plans to put the ‘No Cop’ sign back up without the foul language.

When asked to comment, lawyers found the policy strange, but said because law enforcement officers are not a protected class under the law, only the courts can decide if EAV Barbell Club is violating any anti-discrimination laws. When asked to comment on the incident, the Atlanta Police Department stated, “Were we to respond to an emergency there, this sign would not stop us from lawfully doing our job.”

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